Watch: Star-Studded ‘Savages’ Trailer Revealed


Serena Van Der Woodsen no longer, Blake Lively plays a real dangerous sex queen in her new film, Savages. The movie isn’t out yet until July, but the trailer was released, and today we get to see the first full glimpse of this summer hit. Serena might have been sexy and a little dangerous in the first 2 seasons of Gossip Girl, but this new role makes her look like a silly teenager. This looks good y’all… there is a lot of action and some seriously big A-list actors to make this one helluva sexy looking movie for summer 2012.

Blake’s character, O is one part of a ménages à trios. Her two boyfriends, Ben and Chon, played by hotties Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch, are successful drug dealers until they get entangled in a Mexican drug cartel, and O becomes the bait. You’ve got John Travolta as the Federal Agent, Salma Hayek as the head of the cartel and Benicio Del Toro as her underling. This is one seriously star-studded new movie, and if nothing else, it is going to make for some entertaining and FUN summer watching. This trailer made me excited for Oliver Stone’s new flick, check it out and see what you think..

  • SittingPat

    I agree. This looks interesting on many levels, not least of which is the sex appeal of the cast.

  • rinachandayo

    This movie does look pretty entertaining. Plus! Taylor Kitsch is in it! :D

  • nicole

    this movie looks pretty interesting, i’ll probably check it out

  • Stephanie

    When you post videos, can you try and post ones that can be viewed outside the US please?

    • @Stephanie — It’s not a matter we can control. The studios determine which content can be seen outside of the US.

    • I think Stephanie means that a lot of your viewers, myself included, find it frustrating to read Pink and get excited for something we can’t then view. Since there’s got to be hundreds of us, if you can find additional links, we’d appreciate it. If you can’t, maybe your readers can start posting what they find in the comments as an easy share.

    • @jessica — Trust me, I understand. When new videos are released, it takes time for other people to rip them and then reupload them without the country restrictions. Oftentimes, readers to post links to unrestricted videos … I do try to replace the videos with ones that have no restrictions.

    • Daphne

      guys! don’t you have youtube? google? find the trailer yourselves! even though i’m currently on a year abroad in the us, i’ve been reading trent’s blog for years as resident of the uk and am smart enough to know that there are other ways to find trailers available to non us residents. and if we can’t view them… well though on us. it’s not trnt’s fault… so let’s not castigate him :)

    • Jessica

      I don’t think anyone is blaming Trent – I’m certainly not…. and by Trent’s response, I don’t think he thought anyone attacking him (Thanks Trent!).
      We all have the ability to google something… it’s a lot easier and less time consuming (yes, everything adds up) if the links are provided.

  • nicole

    for those that cant watch the video posted. heres a youtube link

    • Jessica

      Thanks Nicole! Looks like she might be able to step out of the Gossip Girl role (maybe?)

  • kel

    i am curious how they handle the whole 2 boyfriends, 1 girl thing. there is always jealousy right? i wonder if one of them is behind her getting kidnapped? just speculating…i don’t know if i can handle the movie though. too intense for me!