Watch: Jennifer Lopez Releases A Music Video For ‘Dance Again’


Last week Jennifer Lopez released a lyric video for her new single Dance Again. Earlier this week, we got to see a couple of teaser still photos from the finished music video. Last night, the video world premiered on the television broadcast of American Idol … but folks watching TV last night did NOT get to see the video in full. Naturally, those of us on the web are more fortunate. Click below to check out the clubby video for J. Lo’s new single Dance Again.

Altho neither the song nor the video is anything spectacularly new, I do love that it sounds very much like a J. Lo song. Girl is working it OUT lately, ever since she got the judging gig on American Idol. That show has given her so much visibility, she is very smart to capitalize on the publicity in order to advance her music career. If this new single is a sign of things to come, I think J. Lo’s next album will be lots of fun. Something about this clip reminds me of her 1999/2000 single Waiting for Tonight. I dig it, do you?


  • nicole

    overall, its a decent video for the song. it fits. i love the glittery sand . she looks good.
    i do think Casper was a mis-cast though. not because its her bf or his age..but he almost seems too..short? beisde her,and it comes off looking a little awkward at times.

  • Colleen

    I thought it was great! I wanted to shake my booty :) very hawt video!

  • Sebastion

    This song is whack!!! On the Floor was much better but Casper is looking fine as hell. Lucky JLo. I wouldnt mind doing some bondage with him lol.

  • Jake

    not hating, but does anyone else realize thats she follows the same relationship pattern? actor(her first husband), musician(diddy), backup dancer(cris judd) … actor(affleck), musician(marc anthony), backup dancer(new guy)… so the next guy will be an actor i guess. whatever the pattern its obviously working cause she looks amazing!

    • Lisa

      Oooh now we can make predictions about the next actor…hmmm. There was recently Bradley Cooper rumored so there goes that guess. Gerard Butler? Channing Tatum?! Oh, he’s married…for now.

  • Tracy

    No…not feeling this at all too much gliter reminds me of Ke$ha. I don’t think Casper is good looking nor a good dancer. But whatever JLO I wish you the best.

    Jake – – You may be on to something.But JLO does look good go gurl.

  • rOXy

    AI helped Paula Abdul from fading in obscurity, and I can see it is doing the same favor to JLO. I like this vid. She looks great. Casper can certainly dance. Their chemistry sizzles. Colorful and fun visuals. What’s not to like? Oh, the song? It’s ok, too. I haven’t yet tried it out on the floor. Not sure it has the legs to hang around for very long though. After a few run throughs, it might get a little old.

    • rOXy

      I came here expressly to happily say that I was wrong about the song.

      I took it for a spin last night. It’s a hot rod. I was cruising for the better part of three hours and this song was on a lot of that time. I really like it.


    Such an AWFUL music video. She looks good, yes, but it just smells like…desperation. I feel like it’s 2001 all over again with JLO (in terms of exposure) except no one really cares this time around. The tune is uninspired and feels like a leftover track from her previous album. She’s releasing a greatest hits album soon. The music video reminds me of “1+1″ by Beyonce and something else, but I can’t put my finger on it.

    • Lisa

      The greatest hits thing struck me as a bit odd…and I am a fan of hers. I suppose looking back she did have quite a few…

  • Megsterg

    Love the song, but the video sucks. This is an awesome dance tune and she doesn’t even dance til half way through the video. The beginning is just about an orgy or something? I don’t get it. That whole beginning was stupid.

  • Lisa

    Not my fave song but it does seem like classic J.Lo. No kidding Trent, this show has really put her back in the spotlight and love her or hate her, she is one smart business lady! She’s got that other show on Fox with her ex (weird?), the constant Kohl’s commercials…and not to mention she was People’s Most Beautiful last year. I admire her for really getting everything she can from this time in her life. She does have kids to care for and has to take care of their futures too. Love her!!