Oprah’s New York Crash Pad Penthouse Sold For $7.9 Million


My lovely girlfriend in New York who keeps her eye on all the NY real estate news in the city sent me this today. Oprah’s Manhattan penthouse at East 57th Street was just sold this week for over $7 million. The big ‘O’ bought it back in 2008 and spent a reported $7 million renovating the apartment, and it went back on the market in February this year, after apparently barely being lived in. Check out the photos and floor plans of Oprah’s incredible New York penthouse.

I love seeing floor plans and imagining how celebs actually live in their homes. Of course you wouldn’t expect Oprah to live in anything short of amazing because, after all, she is a serious MILLIONAIRE. The open spaces, the view, the location (right near Central Park) is all incredible. This was also just one of Oprah’s crash pads, it wasn’t even her main residence. She has homes all over the country. Sigh.

The reports are saying that Oprah’s NY penthouse was sold this week to a London hedge fund dude and his wife for $7.9 million, who are planning a “high-end” renovation, because it really needs it (ahem), to “open up some of the spaces and take advantage of the magnificent views.” Wow, okay, I guess if you have MILLIONS of dollars to spare… why not do, and have, it all!?


  • Peter

    … She’s a billionaire… not a millionaire.

    As of last month her estimated worth was $2.7 billion.

    • gayana

      that also stroke my attention. Oprah and Millionaire just don’t go or sound together right lol

      “Oprah The Billionaire”, that I get =)

  • c-word

    i wish oprah would adopt me… granted, i’m an adult, but i’m housebroken ;)