Movie Review: ‘American Reunion’


Yesterday was a fun, bizzy day for me. I ran for a bit yesterday afternoon for the last time before my first 5K race tomorrow then I met up with my friend Adriana for an early screening of American Reunion. Both events were hit and miss. The run wasn’t the best but I think it helped keep my legs fresh. The movie, as well, wasn’t the best but AY and I did have a great time nonetheless.

Right off the bat, I have to tell you … the acting in American Reunion isn’t the best. While it is great to see the whole American Pie gang together again, it really felt like the actors were playing caricatures of the characters that they portrayed 13 years ago. Tara Reid looks great … but she is really intolerable acting wise in this film. THAT SAID, the nostalgia factor, I think, more than makes up for the weaknesses of the film. The gang get up to their usual American Pie hijinx and provide lots of laughs. There are boob shots and a full on penis shot so, they bring out the fun raunch in fine style (you’ll have to see the movie to find out which of the dudes shows off his while enchilada). There’s a fun cameo and, yes, the whole gang is back for this sequel (even if some of them are only in it for less than 30 secs). All in all, I loved American Reunion … not because it was a genius piece of filmmaking but because it gives the audience the entertainment they expect. It’s a good time at the movies … I think fans of the American Pie franchise will be very happy with this latest installment.

Earlier in the day, I ran for 2.6 miles but they were not fun miles. I was trying to work out the soreness in my legs from my 4 mile run the day before and, well, I wasn’t entirely successful:

After my run, I spent a lot of time with my foam roller trying to squeeze out the soreness from my legs. My race is tomorrow morning … I just hope I’m ready :)

Tonight, OMG, I’m seeing Garbage play a supertiny secret concert here in LA

The band isn’t supposed to start their tour until Monday but at the last minute, they decided to play a secret rehearsal show at the Bootleg Theater here in LA tonight. TONIGHT will be the band’s first show in 7 years … and my boy Darion and I will be there. We are BEYOND excited!!!

It’s Good Friday … I hope y’all have a great day. When next I’m comin’ atcha with a personal post, I’ll have already run my first 5K race. I hope I will have GOOD things to share :)

  • but of COURSE you’ll have good things to share… good luck tomorrow Trent, I’m rootin’ and tootin’ for ya :) XO

  • Krissy

    You are so lucky you get to see Garbage tonight! How fun!!!!

    Have a great time at the run tomorrow. You have come so far already in your running, the actual race will just be the icing on the cake of your fitness bragging rights. ;)

  • nicole

    good luck on your run tomorrow Trent!! hope it goes great

  • Jstar

    Good luck on the run, you will be just fine!!!

  • Nathan

    American Reunion was hilarious. None of these actors are anything great. Great acting isn’t what made these movies funny.

  • Scarlett

    I have been following you for years (from Oklahoma) and coincidentally am running my first 5K next weekend, April 14th. So anxious to hear how it goes tomorrow! Wishing you the best!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Good luck, Trent!

  • Alyssa

    Get a foam roller! Helps with the soreness really well and helps your muscles heal faster.