Drew Barrymore And Will Kopelman Surface In Paris Amidst Pregnancy Rumors


We’ve seen pics today from Drew Barrymore and fiance, Will Kopelman’s romantic holiday in Paris in March. There is still no word confirming or denying those pregnancy rumors that emerged a couple of weeks ago, and so, as we wait for news on both wedding plans AND the possibility of a baby Barrymore-Kopelman on the way, cute pics will have to tide us over. Check out the lovebirds walking hand in hand as they stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries and visit the Musee De L’Orangerie, and try and detect if there is the smallest/subtlest hint of a baby BUMP yet?

In these pics Drew is definitely pretty covered up, so if in fact she is preggers we can’t quite see anything because of her over-sized military shirt jacket. In some of the pics, when you can see her gray sweater underneath the shirt, it kinda/sorta/maybe looks like there is a bulge there, but as we’ve said before, saying someone is pregnant when they aren’t is a VERY bad mistake. My instincts though tell me that there is a little one on the way for Will and Drew. I just really think so. Plus, that photo of Drew carrying a sonogram a couple of weeks ago is such strong evidence.

Either way, I guess we will find out soon enough, and will just have to wait patiently to see if the rumors are anything more than that. In the meantime, it is lovely to see Will and Drew spending quality time together, just the two of them. In the pics Drew is holding onto Will’s arm, almost looking for physical support and affection, and he is providing that. I do like these two together. What do you think?


  • Julie

    I don’t see the match between them…they don’t look like they ‘fit’ together!! I dunno, is it just me??

  • Errin

    Usually she is so bubbly and smiling in pictures, she looks miserable here.

    • Sarah

      In red carpet photos yeah, but when she’s just out and about living her life she doesn’t like to be photographed. She’s been known to flip the bird, in hopes they won’t use the photos.

  • Tiffany

    As a mother of 3, I see a bump!