Disney Princesses In Real Life


Previously we’ve seen sexy incarnations of some of our beloved Disney Princesses … we’ve even seen real life celebs all dressed up as Disney Princesses. Today we get to see a series of photographs taken by Ryan Astamendi that bring a few Disney Princesses to LIFE in real life models. Belle, Jasmin, Aurora, Snow White … they’re all here … in the flesh. Check out the fun photos below.

Millions of little girls across the world are smitten with Disney’s beautiful princesses. From Sleeping Beauty to Princess Jasmine and Belle, the images of these animated beauties, with their flaxen-haired, full lips and impossible proportions, have become iconic thanks to the popularity of the Disney films in which they star. And now, thanks to the skill of U.S. photographer and Disney character artist Ryan Astamendi, their beauty has been brought to life. The California-based photographer has created incredible real-life versions of Disney princesses – and the likenesses are uncanny. Those who have been to one of Disney’s theme parks in the U.S. or Paris may have seen real-life princesses in the flesh – but this is the first time a photographer has recreated the princessesin such meticulous detail. Mr Astamendi, who has spent the past 18 years working as a character artist for the Walt Disney Company, says he was inspired by Disney animation from an early age. Growing up in Burbank, California, he says he was fortunate enough to be tutored by a few of Disney’s artists, and went on to study at CalArts, where he majored in Character Animation. From that platform he managed to find work with Disney as a Character Artist, where he had a hand in developing Disney’s characters – and developed a fondness for the Disney princesses. He embarked upon the photography project he has named ‘the Princess Series’, shooting real-life versions of his favourite princesses one-by-one. What is essential for the success of his work is, he says, a ‘great costume, and a great model.’

These are great! The models here bring these Disney Princesses to life way better than the castmembers do at Disneyland or Disney World. I love when artists do things like this. It’s very cool to see stuff in a different light, right? So fun!

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  • nicole

    Holy crap. These are spot on. The jasmine, snow white & rapunzel are perfect

  • Shannon

    Belle looks like holly Madison

    • Agustina

      Belle IS Holly Madison. She was the model in that shoot.

  • Amarie

    Ahh Jasmin, Aurora, and Rapunzel all look exactly like the real thing! Love this.

  • Jim Cruise

    Stunning. Sleeping Beauty looks a lot like Kristin Cavallari from The Hills.

  • Shannon

    I think they are super cheesy.

  • Linda

    That is Holly Madison as Belle. She confirmed it on her Twitter.

  • Logan

    stupid. want to see a disney princess in REAL life? Then go to DisneyWorld, genius.

  • Lady2176

    Pocahontas reminds me of MQ.

  • Megsterg

    I love Belle and Pocahontas! Pocahontas is stunning.

    • Sarah

      Pocahontas was a real woman, not a fake character. She looked NOTHING like this image in real life… in fact, in reality, she was rather unattractive. Google her.

  • satty

    Where is princess Tiana? Always leavin the black girl out! Smdh

    • Lynne

      I was wondering that too! :(

    • nicole

      i agree – i LOVE Tiana, but its so hard to find her character on things

  • JCZ

    Curious Trent – have you watched Once Upon A Time? If so, your thoughts.

  • Brielle

    I absolutely love Disney princesses, I can remember as a child dressing up as the princesses for Halloween and wanting to be just like them. It’s so fun to see them as real people, I like the models they chose to depict these princesses and they definitely did a good job portraying them.

    I do wish that there could be an African American princess because looking at all those pictures the models are all white besides Jasmine and Pochahontas. But I guess there can’t be an African American one simply because there were no Disney movies with an African American princess. Except recently with the Princess and the Frog. So shouldn’t they have had a model portraying the princess in that movie? Just a thought.