Zac Efron Covers ‘Men’s Health’ Magazine


The hottie actor Zac Efron, who doesn’t like being called a heartthrob, is featured on the cover of the new issue of Men’s Health magazine. Zac is currently promoting the release of his new film The Lucky One so this coverstory feature in Men’s Health comes at the PERFECT TIME. It should come as no surprise that Zac looks pretty good on the cover of the magazine … except for his left arm. It would seem that the folks who retouch magazine covers did … something … to his arm. Check it out below … and beware.

Yeah … that growth on Zac’s arm doesn’t look normal. I don’t understand how this sort of thing can happen during retouching. I get that they are trying to make him look more muscular … but let’s not make him look deformed, OK? The alternate cover for magazine subscribers turned out much better:

Much, much better. I hope the MH website will be updated soon with images from Zac’s photospread. I’m hoping we’ll get to see him in various stages of undress. Stay tuned.



    I like the pose in the second cover better, but that tattoo is hideous! That pose + that hideous tatto makes Iit look like he has really long armpit hair coming out of his sleeve. : / Also, his bicep in the first pic is totally shopped.

    • Nathan

      I totally thought it was armpit hair at first.

  • Amarie

    Oh my.

  • KiTX

    I don’t understand what transformation has happened here- he used to look like he was 5, and now, I’m kind of into him. Kind of a lot. Efron, stop messing with my mind like this!

  • Shannon

    Me, him and Adam Levine would have the hottest threesome ever.

    • Allyson

      Oh yeah!