Watch: Paris Hilton Releases A PSA To Fight Hunger And Poverty


Paris Hilton, yes THE Paris Hilton, has teamed up with an organization called My Hope for Children that seeks to raise funds and awareness for the plight of needy, hungry children around the world. I know there’s a joke in there somewhere but … I’m trying to behave and see the positivity of this grand gesture on Paris’s part because the cause is so great and worthwhile. Click below to learn more about My Hope for Children and watch the video public service announcement starring Paris Hilton herself.

My Hope for Children is an organization committed to transforming the lives of poor and less fortunate children by providing medical assistance and promoting wellness through fundraising and working with like-minded organizations who share a similar vision and mission. Our goal is to raise awareness and generate the necessary funds to provide grants to qualified organizations that aim to provide our children with medical assistance and who will conduct healthcare education. My Hope for Children Foundation is a resource for institutions worldwide that are willing to combat a fundamental challenge facing our children. Primary, we work by accepting financial generosity from individuals and organizations and by maximizing the effectiveness of every dollar contributed to the foundation by providing grants to aid eligible organizations to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and reach. Our HOPE is to become the voice of HOPE for children. We HOPE to convey the beauty and innocence that exists in all children around the world. Our children should never have to go to bed hungry nor wake up wondering if they will find food to fill their empty stomachs. Our children should never have to question if they will have a roof above their head nor worry if they will have a bed to sleep on. Our children should never have to work on poverty stricken streets nor have to miss out on a proper education. Our children should never have to die from preventable and treatable diseases or illnesses nor should they have to fight for their life each and everyday. Our HOPE is simple; our HOPE is for children to just be children.

I know it’s terrible but I thought this was a joke at first. While it’s very nice that Paris Hilton would lend her name to such a needy cause … I guess it shows just how needy the cause is if they want to use Paris Hilton’s name to try and raise funds. I do not disagree that there are countless needy children in the world and if Paris can help some of them, that is AMAZING. It’s gonna take a bit of getting used to, tho, seeing Paris in this philanthropic light. I wish My Hope For Children all the best … truly.


  • Dana

    They need her cash more than her name..I often wonder how much cash the celebrities give…Anyway if she doing this from the heart good for her. but will never forget reading about Paris and her friends paying homeless people to pour soda on there head for Cash and a Laugh.

    • beth

      that is sickening, never read that story but sound about right. I would need to see a couple decades of this Behavior before I believed it.

    • Kevin

      Actually it wasn’t her who done that, it was her then boyfriend she wasn’t even there to watch it happen

  • aubrey

    well, if this is going to be short-lived, i’m glad that she’ll be touching people’s lives, er, in a good way.. but i do hope she gets to keep this up. :)