Watch: Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Her Eye On Newly Single Adam Levine


It was only this week we heard the news that hottie, Adam Levine, was single again, having broken up with his swimsuit model girlfriend, Anne V. We hazarded a guess that with the arrival of the news, single woman all over the world would rejoice. Pink readers even suggested that they were going to go after Adam. The Maroon 5 frontman and judge on The Voice, hasn’t even been single for 7 days and already celeb women are making their pouncing intentions known. Jennifer Love Hewitt went on The Ellen Show and told the world that she has her eye on him… watch out Adam.

She went on Ellen to discuss her new, revealing, cover on Maxim, and Jennifer told Ellen that she is single, but always has her eyes open, and now is keen on newly single Adam Levine.

I always have my eyes out,” Hewitt said. I just read two days ago that Adam Levine is single again . . . I’m just saying.”

She went on to admit how HOT she thinks he is with his newly shaven head (yes!), and thinks they would make a cute couple (hmm…). I think Jen is going to have to fight MANY other woman to get to Adam’s heart because she certainly isn’t the only single lady out there who wants to date, or just kidnap, Adam Levine. I guess they would make a cute looking couple, but I’m not sure she is Adam’s type… do you think JLH and AL would make a good couple?

Watch a clip from The Ellen Show where Jen admits she has her eye on Adam..

  • Jackie

    Go get ’em Jen. :D

  • nicole

    Jen is freakin hot in that picture they showed on Ellen.

    i say, if she has her eyes on Adamn…go do your thing girl and get what you want.
    i kind of think they would look good together

  • VV

    Careful Adam, she’ll have got the engagement ring selected by now as well.

    Three words: run and hide.

  • Shannon

    Back off crazy lady, don’t ruin Adam Levine for me.

  • helen

    whatevs honey, take a number!

  • Sandy

    I think Adam needs a normal girl. You know, like not a celebrity.
    Someone like me hahahaha

  • Ben@pr

    His type are the super models kind of girls. People used to hate on Jennifer Aniston for being single, lonely and desperate which she didn’t appear to be but this Jennifer Love seems to be those 3 things and above all beyond desperate. She thinks it’s cute but it is not.

  • strawberry

    CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!! THE VOICE!!! Adam! Go get her! Christina! Go get him!

  • cinner

    NO NO NO! Her arms are too short. So are her legs. Adam is WAY out of her league. Sh better step off!