Madonna & Co. Celebrates Her #1 Album


Yesterday we learned that happy news that Madonna’s new album M.D.N.A. debuted in the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart this week and today we learn that Maddy’s people threw her a little surprise party for the occasion. Madonna returned to Twitter last night to chat with fans but was met by her crew with an impromptu party beforehand. Click below to see a fun photo and watch video from the festivities last night.

Celebrating #MDNA #1 with my crew today.

Aww … how much do I love that Madonna actually looked surprised. Honestly, she looked a little annoyed too but … YAY, HAPPY MADONNA! I don’t know that we will continue to get this behind the scenes look at the Material Girl for much longer but … I hope we do get to see stuff like this from time to time in the coming weeks and months. It’s really … disarming to see Madonna in her everyday life. I’d love to see more of it.

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  • Zach Rickel

    Love love LOVE this!