Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg & Jason Sudeikis Are Reportedly Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’


Um … if you thought things were bad with Saturday Night Live already, you ain’t heard nothing yet. A new report out this week claims that three of the best players on SNL are leaving the show at the end of the season. Rumor has it that Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis are gonna ditch SNL at the end of this season. If so, I have a hard time imagining any reason at all to watch the show anyone … Hell, I barely watch it now. HMMM. Could SNL really be losing 3 of its best players at this season’s end?

Two sources tell the new Us Weekly that several key Saturday Night Live players are following in the footsteps of SNL alums Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and ready to move on. “Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis are all leaving after the end of the season,” says one insider. “It will be a huge blow to the show. Without Andy’s video shorts and Kristen saving every skit, they’ll need help!” And though a rep for Wiig, 38, and Sudeikis, 36, refutes this — telling Us, “No decisions are made until the season is over” — an insider says the timing is right, especially for the Bridesmaids star. “Kristen was talking about leaving a while ago,” says a Wiig pal. “With her movie success, it’s no surprise.” Meanwhile, Sudeikis has a new movie in the works, Relanxious, where he will star opposite his real-life love Olivia Wilde. In the flick (which also features SNL pal Fred Armisen) Sudeikis will play an agoraphobic looking for love.

Considering that all 3 of these players can get good work in film, it’s not a big surprise that they might be ready to bail on SNL … and who can blame them? The show has been unfunny for years — YEARS. Week after week, these actors toil on a show that is consistently unfunny … and that can’t be good for the long term life of their careers in comedy. As I said, I barely care to watch SNL anymore … unless they have a compelling guest host, I’m not tuning in at all. Losing these 3 will be a big blow to the show. I hope the SNL folks are ready to scramble because if this report turns out to be true, they are going to be in serious trubs.


  • nicole

    the show wont last a month without these 3. them & Seth Myer’s weekend update are the ONLY thing keeping SNL going.
    i wouldnt be surprised if they atleast try to push SNL to the 40th season then call it quits.

    • FernLaPlante

      “The show won’t last a month…” I bet people said that after Chevy Chase left, and Bill Murray, and Gilda, and Farley, and Spade, and Sandler, and Miller, and… do I need to go on or can we admit that your hyperbole is ignorant.

    • nicole

      its not really ignorant when the show has already gone down hill and their best people are set to leave
      atleast when those other people left, they had great comedians and writers to fill the void. they dont have that now. the show lost its touch a long time ago

    • Bea

      I agree FernLaPlante I think it’ll be fine and just continue to suck and live on in that manner

  • Niz

    I have a hard time trusting and article that uses “relaxnious” in it. :)

  • swile71

    I enjoy SNL from time to time myself. The show has had major cast shake-ups in the past and managed to survive. When most of the very talented and popular ’80’s-’90’s cast left I NEVER thought I would watch again. The need to come up with some GREAT talent to fill the voids for sure!

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! They are the only people keeping this show alive. I heard rumors even last year about Kristen Wiig saying that this would be her last season, but the other two I never heard about. If the rumor is true NBC might as well cancel the show right now or find equally talented people to come in their places (better than the weak trash they have now as supporting players). If they were to leave then Kenan and Seth Myers would be the only good people left on the show and they alone aren’t enough to carry the show into the next phase of life. I’m really hoping this rumor is not true.

  • Shannon

    I am not a big fan of any of them except Andy samberg sometimes. Abby Elliot comes from a long line of annoying me too!! I can’t watch new HIMYM episodes bc her dad annoys the shit out of me!

  • mb

    Bill Hader will be the only consistently funny long-term cast member if they leave. Interestingly, he gets a lot of film work, but I haven’t heard anything about him leaving soon. Taran Killam is hilarious, but he’s the only new cast member I see having a career outside of SNL.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That would be crazy…they are all so funny! In all honesty, I have not watched the show in many years. Every blue moon if there is someone worth watching I will tune but that is so rare. This could be the end.

  • AmandaMarie

    Just the weekend update makes the show worth it for me.

  • Jon

    They’re the “best” actors because they dominate all the sketches, especially Wiig. They barely give the other actors a chance. Maybe once they’re gone we’ll get a chance to see who can step up to plate and fill their shoes.

  • Mike G

    While the show may not be a grand-slam every week (it’s highly dependent on the guest host, additionally), several of the new players are more than ready to take on more of a presence, especially the women players. Vanessa Bayer shines in anything she takes on (Scarlett Johanssen hosting, the skit about the two child stars, e.g.).

    Have any of you actually watched an entire episode? Like it’s always been, some skits work, some fall flat, some are downright head-scratchers. That’s how they do, thirty-five years and counting.

  • Krissy

    I think there are a MILLION really funny people out there. We didn’t know who these folks were until they got a chance, so lets give other people the chance, huh? There are improv troups all over the country that train thousands of people who all have their eye on this show. Logically, they can’t all suck! ;)

    Also…NBC would have a hard time finding any kind of show that people actually tune in to watch that late on a Saturday night. Even if the show is mediocre, it is better than an infomercial.

  • Shannon

    This is VERY depressing!!!

  • Alicia

    I think snl’s problem is the writers, they need non hipster writers, ones who are normal. I will sob if jason leaves he is my fav! I think billhader is to smart to pass up a steady pay check and wont gamble a movie career but i think they rest will step up!

  • Chaz

    Give me a break. A big blow, yes, but hardly the only reason to tune in. Wiig and Sandberg I give you… but much as I love Sudeikis, what has he done on the show that is memorable or especially funny? Besides Wiig and Sandberg, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are the geniuses on that show and they are the reason to watch. Will Forte leaving was a much bigger blow than Sudeikis, who will be better suited to movies.

  • John

    These 3 came to SNL just like all the other greats. Why do people think the show is just going to come to a halt? Also, it’s kind of retarded to say that the show has gone down hill. I think it’s kind of stayed at it’s own level throughout its time on the air. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not. It’s always been that way.

    • @John — Please don’t use the R word. It makes your argument completely invalid and offensive.