Jennifer Garner Is Set To Play A Man In New Movie ‘Johnson’


Jennifer Garner has been busy being mom and recently gave birth to her third baby, Samuel, in February. This mom-of-three is still rearing ahead though with her film career, with no signs of slowing down. She has reportedly just signed onto a new project which will be unlike anything she has ever done before. Jen will be playing the role of a man in her latest movie, Johnson.

So, technically the role isn’t a real man, Jennifer will play the role of a woman dressed up as a man. Her character is a corporate executive who gets fired but gets her job back after she disguises herself as a man. Jen will play Rebecca Merritt who becomes Greg Johnson. The gender bending role gets even more tricky though when Greg then falls in love with a male colleague.

Jen has hardly slowed down since she fell pregnant with, and gave birth to, her third child. She starred in Arthur and Butter in 2011, and The Odd Life of Timothy Green where she stars opposite Joel Edgerton is going to be released soon. She is also in pre-production stages for the movie, Back Roads with Marcia Gay Harden and then there is the news of this latest gender bender film. She is seriously a bit of a super woman, I don’t know how she has done so much work while pregnant and with a newborn. Look out for more news of this latest movie. I’m not sure if it is a comedy or something more serious, but it sounds pretty interesting nonetheless, and we love Jen Garner!

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  • Mrs. Clarkson

    So, basically, Just One of The Guys all grown up?

  • Krissy

    She also produced Butter with her production company. I wonder if they are producing this film too?

    I have loved Garner since Alias. I think she is a great actress, both in dramas and comedy. I REALLY loved her performance in Juno, and thought she was refreshing in 13 Going on 30. I wonder if this will have more of the tone 13.

  • blaqfury

    This should be interesting… Garner has a very feminine face, so I’d be extremely curious to see how they make her look like a man. I hope that it’s not one of those situation where they just throw a mustache on her, and she obviously just looks like a woman with a mustache, but no one else around her can figure that out.

  • kel

    love her! and not to mention melissa, she apparently cooks dinner from scratch almost every night and sews etc…crazy!