Beyoncé Tweets, Launches A New Website


Beyoncé may have joined Twitter ages ago but it wasn’t until this week that she posted her first tweet ever. Bey used the opportunity to point her 3 million+ followers to her newly revamped official website. Dubbed the BeyHive, Beyoncé‘s new site is a cornucopia of new information including personal photos and videos. Click below to read the messages posted to fans by Beyoncé herself and get a peek at what she has in store for fans at her new site.

After laying dormant for monts, Beyoncé‘s official Twitter profile came alive with the tweet above. The link points to the newly revamped The site looks slick but what is most exciting is the inclusion of many new formerly private personal photos from Beyoncé herself:

Beyoncé now has her own Tumblr page that features all of these personal goodies. As you may recall, the first photos of Blue Ivy Carter were released on Tumblr, too. I’m not sure if this signals the start of more personal interactions from Bey herself but … it’s a nice treat for fans, I think. What do y’all think? Will we be hearing directly from Beyoncé more from here on out?

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  • ella

    Back when Beyoncé was first dating Jay, and everyone was still surprised that she wouldn’t talk about it, I remember Bey saying that she’d probably be willing to share more once she was married. It kind of seems like Bey and Jay took their time to build their relationship in private as much as possible, but now that they’ve established their marriage and had a baby, they’re ready to fully step into the public eye.

    I think she just didn’t want to be trashy by talking about a bunch of drama, but now that she has an ideal, stable family life, she’s ok with incorporating that into her public image…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    They look so much in love!! I am so happy for them. WOrk it out girl!!!

  • blaqfury

    She really just doesn’t know how to sit down…LOL!

    I admire her hussle though… I guess they’re ramping up for another summer of B! Can’t wait for the next dance track!

    • Mark

      But she is sitting down, see?…….. On a yacht.

  • mc_swifty

    I think we can all agree. Beyonce is the shit!! Especially love how she handles her business in the public eye. Girl is classy.

  • Courtney

    oh quit squaking being married 4 years is nothing Melissa Newman has been married nearly 20 and was famous from birth and a witness to a hollywood marriage that lasted more than 5 decades in her parents Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward. if your gonna be private stay private other than business things and if your gona be public be public you can’t have your cake & eat it too

  • matan shidlo

    this is dedictde for all beyonce fans out there!!
    love you all!!!!!