An Uphill Battle


Late yesterday afternoon I met up with my homegirl Ollie for a quick run around the Silverlake Reservoir here in LA. I’m not sure what the Hell I was expecting but … the route turned out to be much more strenuous than I had anticipated. Because we had committed to running 2 loops around the reservoir (a little over 4 miles), we made sure to complete our task … but it was not easy … not at all.

I was really unprepared for the steep hilliness that would be involved in the run … as a result, I gassed out way too early in my run. I started to get ankle pain and then knee pain in my left leg so … I had to walk some of the way. I know it’s not a failure to walk but, I dunno, I guess I had my heart set on a solid 4 mile run. I’ll be better prepared for the reservoir the next time … and there will be a next time. After our run, Ollie and I stuffed our mugs at Pho Cafe … and it was DELISH! My 5K training schedule has me resting today and tomorrow but … I’m going to run a few miles today at the gym to keep my legs fresh and to mentally get over my crappy run yesterday. I’m taking tomorrow off for sure tho … I want to be ready for the Hollywood 5K Race Saturday morning :)

Tonight, Adriana and I have a dinner/movie date. We’ll be having delicious Mexican and then will be seeing American Reunion at the ArcLight. It should be fun … but first … I must run. I cannot believe this is my life now. As much as the running isn’t the most pleasurable thing, I do look forward to it … almost on a daily basis. Who knows, maybe I’ll be ready to tackle a full on marathon shortly after my half-marathon in September ;)

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  • Janaegal

    Hey Treny, it seems like you’ve really caught the running bug. You should check out tumblr, there is a whole community of fitness/running blogs there( usually you can search fitblr). I write one myself there. It’s an amazing community full of tons of support, advice and tips.

  • Bea

    I think exercising is a good thing but running.. I still don’t know. I’ve just known too many people, who used to do cross country in HS, then kept up with the running into adulthood, and now their knees are all messed up as a result. The harsh impact of the pavement day after day really kills the bones and joints. Short runs are one thing, but the long distance stuff seems to be a bad thing. Swimming or any other non/less-impact sports seem to be better for the body. I don’t know Trent, good luck and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself though.

    • @Bea — If you think about it, humans have been running for centuries. Ancient man had to run to find food, to find new areas to live in, to avoid predators … to live. We have been running since the beginning of time. Yes people can get injured but people can get injured doing pretty much anything. It may not be for everyone but there are lots of people who can run without injury … I just hope I’m one of those people ;)

    • Matt

      I’m a new runner, too (just over a year – first half marathon ran over St Paddy’s Day weekend), and I do worry about the long term damage I could do to my joints, etc. Ancient man may have had to run for survival, but until very recently in human history, people were lucky to live to see 50. We have a lot longer to survive with these bodies. Just food for thought. I’ve never commented before, Trent, but I wanted to congratulate you on taking up running. I wanted to die for the first few months but now a 6 mile run is almost a daily routine, and I love it. Seriously. Welcome to the club!

    • Bea

      Well ancient men ran, but not for 4 miles at a time most likely. I doubt the human body is built for that kind of shock and hard impact imparted by modern concrete pavements. Furthermore, I don’t think that anyone going long distances needed to run. They probably walked which is much better impact-wise. Also, my friends and co-workers who I have witnessed in their mid-age struggle with knee problems did not have “injuries”. They were merely runners who eventually wore out their joints.

  • muchacha

    It’s ok Trent, we all have our off days. I agree that by challenging yourself yesterday you’ll be better prepared to tackle the reservoir in the future. You’re building stamina.

    But I think my favourite thing is your post of your loop followed by food :)

  • kelly

    Just remember, it is not how many times you fall down that matters…it is how many times you get back up that counts. Mental barriers wil happen, just keep remembering how far youve come.

  • JeniLee

    You are truly inspiring me. I havent been able to exercise lately because I have been crazed with work and buying our house. But once we move I am determined to get back in shape!

  • KB

    Hey Trent, A little off the running topic, but if you ever make it to Japan – don’t stick your chopsticks in your food like that – it is how they offer food to the dead! ;)

    • @KB — OH!!! I had no idea!! I’ll keep that in mind, thanks. I am DYING to visit Japan :)