Watch: Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Till The World Ends’ By Britney Spears Live In Concert In LA


Last night my BFF Darion and I made our way to the Nokia Theater in Downtown LA to see our girl Kelly Clarkson live in concert. In a few hours, I’ll post my full review from the show … but right now, I HAVE to share amazing video that I filmed last night with all y’all. On this Stronger Tour, Kelly has been taking fan requests on Twitter for cover songs for her to perform in concert. As a special gift for the LA crowd, Kelly decided to perform her version of Till The World Ends by Britney Spears … and OMFG, did she sound AMAZING! Check out the video of Kelly’s performance last night.

Normally, it’s impossible to get any cell service inside the Nokia Theater but I managed to stay online long enough to upload this video while the concert was still going. This video has been making the rounds ever since I uploaded it last night (it even made it to I love how clear the vocals sound. Trust me, I had a hard time not screaming while I was recording (but you can hear me doing the Oh Oh Ohs a few times if you listen closely). Last night’s Kelly concert was prolly the best performance of her life. Kelly brought out Tamyra Gray (American Idol Season 1), Michelle Branch, Blake Shelton AND Reba McEntire to duet with her ON STAGE last night. I’ll have all the deets about the rest of the show later … for now, enjoy the brilliant mixture of Kelly covering Britney to make your Wednesday a happy one :)


  • jam

    this is …. FABULOUS!!! loving it!

  • Amanda


  • omgggggggggggggg i would have died

    • @Stephanie — I totally died … and was born again … it was so amazing.

  • Zeke

    OMG!!!! I love it. It’s hard to cover Britney as her songs seem to be only made for her.
    I love Kelly even more now :-)

  • MM

    That is awesome! So bummed because I was supposed to go to this show but got stuck at work. So glad you were there Trent and got video of this epic moment! So cute that Kelly is a Britney fan! As if I couldn’t love her any more ha ha.

    She has done some amazing covers for this tour so far – such a great idea.


  • Mrs. Clarkson

    Aw, Trent, I saw you were at my girl’s show last night. She’s been on fire this tour! Glad you got to see the ol’ KC magic in person…and I, too, would have died if she’d done Brit when I saw her. :) I CANNOT wait for your whole review. <3

  • Vicky

    What an awesome duet that would be… Kelly and Brit!

  • Shazzer

    There is literally nothing Ms. Kelly can’t do. And I would like to give a huge shout out and kudos to her awesome band. They’ve been amazing learning all these cover songs for the tour. Big props to them and KC. Graet video Trent!

  • bleeding ears

    So this is what that song sounds like when not lip synced or overdone with auto tune… love it. Clarkson is awesome.

  • Adriana

    this is so fun! thanks for sharing

  • JDo

    Honey, I was there. That wasn’t a concert. That was an effing GOSPEL REVIVAL! I mean that Britney cover was so off the chain, I expected black women in crazy church hats to appear. And each new surprise duet caused a new level of hysteria. And so, lo! The Kelly Clarkson slayed it. And lo, the people rejoiceth over it. And it was good. Amen!

  • ross brown

    This is what happens when a real singer does a song. Not just a studio version that can never be reproduced live..

  • kel

    trent! i can’t believe you couldn’t dance OR sing in order to get the shot! torture! thank you for holding the camera steady for us all to enjoy kelly’s awesomeness!

  • Dezden

    MY FAVORITES. Thanks for getting this. About to dieee. <3

  • Kay

    KELLY IS AMAZING!! Is there any song she can’t sing and completely slay?!!

  • Elliot

    So nice to hear someone SING. (sorry BS fans}

    • kelly

      Hear hear! I felt the same way. Her notes are so FULL.

  • Colleen

    That is so good.