Watch: ‘Rock Of Ages’ Releases A Second Movie Trailer


Last December we got our first look at the first movie trailer for the big screen adaptation of the Broadway musical show Rock of Ages. As you may recall, I wasn’t too keen on that first trailer … mainly because I still have some issues with some of the casting (Russell Brand, ugh). Today we get to see the newly released second trailer for the filma and, I gotta admit, my feelings about the film have softened a bit. This second trailer actually makes me want to see this movie after all.

I don’t know if it’s my insane love for the original Broadway production OR if it’s my loyal and unyielding love of the 80’s music soundtrack but … I am starting to get excited about this film. I love the story and I really love the use of 80’s music to tell the story. I’ve seen the musical quite a few times (the last time I saw the show it featured my good friend Tom Lenk and one of my fave Broadway actresses of all time Kerry Butler) and I think I’m ready to see and enjoy the story again. Honestly, I don’t think the movie will surpass the musical for me but … ugh, I’m willing to give it a shot. I’m MOSTLY sold on seeing this film … I suppose.


  • swile71

    The cast and the rocking 80’s music have me wanting to check this out.

  • Denise

    I’m sorry – I can’t past the fact that it’s Tom Cruise – as Alec Baldwin says in the clip – I threw up in my pants.

    • @Denise — LOL

    • Katie

      I’m with you. I was done with the movie as soon as Tom Cruise was cast.

  • jnut

    This movie looks so terrible. I think this movie is a prime example of people are bastardizing the term “musical.” People don’t know good musicals anymore…I bet this is going to be a blockbuster which is just sad. Can someone please write some NEW GOOD music, lyrics and stories for the true musical theater fans? I know everyone can’t be Sondheim. Stop remaking all of these beautiful classics and turning them into pop-musicals with big names just to sell tickets. Beyonce in “A Star is Born”? Come one!!

    • @jnut — I have to disagree. I love “traditional” musicals but I also really enjoy inventive new ways of presenting musical theater. I really do not like the idea of shunning other forms of entertainment just because it doesn’t fit in a constrained box of tradition.