Rumormongers Insist Beyoncé’s Daughter Blue Ivy Is Merely A Doll


Ever since Beyoncé revealed that she was pregnant at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards last year, doubters and naysayers have been convinced that her entire pregnancy has been a hoax. These people maintain that Beyoncé found herself a surrogate to birth her baby for her and that she faked her baby bump to make it seem like she was actually pregnant. These theories did not stop after she gave birth. NOW, the rumormongers claim, Beyoncé is being accused of carrying around a fake doll baby instead of her her actual child in order to fool the paparazzi. Yes, folks, this is what some people actually believe. Do YOU think Beyoncé‘s fake pregnancy has resulted in a fake baby?

Ever since American singer Beyonce Knowles announced her pregnancy onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards in September last year, rumors that her pregnancy may be a conspiracy continue to circulate. The pregnancy announcement itself was followed by a million speculations and rumors, carrying on till her delivery. Now after the baby’s birth, speculations still haven’t died down and the latest is that Beyonce was probably carrying a fake baby doll around, instead of the real baby Blue Ivy Carter. A website,, has suggested that in all the various pictures taken by them, the baby seems to have grown extraordinarily quickly in just less than two weeks. In two different pictures posted by them, the baby’s size seems considerably bigger and, as a reader pointed out, the baby’s legs look too stiff to be real. According to the website, when the two pictures were compared, they noticed that the baby had grown to about 2.5 inches. The website also cleared its stand saying it does believe Beyonce has a baby, but thinks she is hiding it. One wonders why? Beyonce was always tightlipped about rumors of her pregnancy being fake. She and husband Jay Z were reported to have secured an entire floor of a hospital for the birth of their baby to avoid paparazzi. Then why would she suddenly act like a mediocre mother carrying her baby around everywhere she goes? It would have made sense had Beyonce ventured out of her home alone. As people would only assume that the baby was at home with a nanny or a relative. Then why does she have to carry a doll around?

LOL. This is so ridiculous. I actually believe Beyoncé gave birth to her baby (despite the fact that doubters maintain that she hired a surrogate so as not to “ruin her body” by giving birth) and I do believe that the Blue Ivy she carries around is her actual baby. BUT, I must admit, it would also make sense if she decided to leave Ivy at home once or twice. Does this mean that she actually carries a stunt baby doll from time to time … I dunno. I honestly do not know. What do y’all think? Does any of this sound like something that could actually be true?


  • teri

    Sounds ridiculous yet absolutely believable at the same time. With celebrities anything is possible I think. Of course I hope this is NOT the case for her.

  • Ama

    I’ll be honest, in a few photos of her out and about with her daughter there was a thought in my mind of ‘that would be amusing/interesting if she wasn’t actually carrying her baby but a giant blanket bundled up or something like that’.

    If that is true-I don’t think it’s a big issue or something that should be scrutinized. There could be multiple reasons for doing this and I don’t think any of them would be bad. Maybe she just wants to keep her daughter out of public eye, maybe her daughter has sensitive eyes and doesn’t want the flashes of the cameras to hurt them. There are a few other reasons I had but cannot think of right now.

  • Claire

    Katie & Suri V2.0? LOL!

    I kind-of sway towards the fake-pregnancy side myself. Ive had a baby, & while every womans pregnancy is different, some of the picturrs/facts seem to add up to a surrogate. However only Beyonce & JayZ know for sure & they obviously wouldnt ever condradict the first ‘story’.

    Not cool of that article to say the baby is a ‘child of Satan’… Babies are pure & innocent. Even the fake ones ;o)

  • Claire

    & *if* Blue is a “REAL BABY” (i say that sarcastically ;), I wish Bey would stop using that Baby Bjorn carrier! They have been shown to not be good for growing babies developing bodies!!

  • Claire

    & *if* Blue is a “REAL BABY” (i say that sarcastically ;), I wish Bey would stop using that Baby Bjorn carrier!
    They have been shown to not be good for growing babies developing bodies!!

  • rOXy

    Her pregnancy wasn’t fake and the baby isn’t either. I wonder why these rumors persist? If B wanted to keep her baby out of the public eye, she’d simply leave it at home with a nanny. Why go to the trouble of carrying around a doll? Conspiracy theorists are an odd bunch of skeptics, paranoids, and cynics.

  • Mr. Spears

    Pretty sure the picture above looks like a fake baby. The one hand is in a weird position and the other hand looks like the fingers are connected. The face is almost “too” perfect. Beyonce also has kind of a “Haha bitches this baby is fake and I’m totally fooling you” look on her face. They do make dolls out of latex (I think?) that look freakishly real. Not saying her baby is “fake”, but I can 100% see where people are coming from.

    • Leisha

      The hands look completely 100% normal to me! Newborns do the weirdest things with their hands… they don’t have much control over their muscles yet, have a lot of “jerk” like movements, or stretching out randomly etc.

    • Velaine

      Mr. Spears … I can’t tell if you’re joking.

  • shoesofpink

    If she is carrying around a fake baby, that she’s a giant attention whore, and just as dumb as the drag queen clothes she wears.

  • Travis

    I have always had my suspicions. Beyonce was seen in Vancouver during the “Watch the Throne” concerts on December 17th and 18th. She supposedly gave birth in New York on the 9th of January. You cannot travel that late into the pregnancy and I expect they flew. Risky for the mother and child, especially due to the unfortunate miscarriage she suffered previously. Why take the chance. The baby’s hair is unusually straight, both her parents are African American.

    • J to the Da

      Actually Beyonce is of creole descent meaning she isn’t 100% black. Plus black people come in all shades of the rainbow and their hair texture also varies greatly. I have a cousin who is a product of 2 chocolate brown parents but has red hair and freckles. Genes are funny that way. Oh and newborn baby hair falls out during during infancy and then the baby begins to get it’s natural hair texture.

    • Leisha

      I agree it’s a risk, but they were probably using a private airplane, so she could decide to fly if she wanted to. If you fly a regular airline, the company would have rules for not flying in the third trimester for example.

      For all we know, she had a doctor flying with them ;-) isn’t that just as believeable as her carrying around a fake baby?

    • Velaine

      The baby’s hair is FINE. Have you ever seen an african american newborn?

    • Katie

      Velanie – That is exactly what I was just wondering. Looks about right to me.

      This whole fake baby/fake pregnancy thing is crazy! I can’t believe people are still going on about it.

  • SittingPat

    I think that some of the people commenting on this are crazier than the celebrities they accuse. Why would she bother to carry around a doll? And if for some bizarre reason she did, who cares? As for that photo of her holding a new born, that’s a baby, and that’s what new borns do with their hands.

  • Kara

    Idk about the whole fake pregnancy thing but I definitely think its weird that you never see a pic of the baby in a stroller or anything. Always that baby byorn. Does anyone else think that’s strange?

    • Leisha

      I very, very rarely used a stroller… a baby carrier (i didn’t use Baby Bjorn though, like a previous commenter said, they actually aren’t so good for babies, and also for the user’s back!) is much easier and I loved having my baby so close the whole time :-)

    • Velaine

      I can’t imagine using a stroller in a crowded city with the potential for papparazzi everywhere I go. Strollers are not convenient in crowds. Not to mention the time it takes to get them in and out of the vehicle. For a celebrity, I’d say it makes sense to not use one. Plus, that baby’s so fresh, it’s still light enough to carry easily.

  • Aly

    With Beyonce and Jay-Z being the more level-headed and genuine celebrities of our day…why in the world would they act like loons carrying around a doll? Like…c’mon people.
    It’s obvious why they never told any personal details to the public.

  • gayana

    when i saw her carrying her “child” i thought 3 things: 1 isnt the baby gona choke under multiple wraps and no fresh air? and 2. what was the point hiring the security for the entire hospital floor if shes taking a 1 month old baby everywhere she goes? 3. that kid did not pop out of her body, NO woman looks like she did a week after giving birth, it is physically impossible.

    and also 4… she never confronted the rumors of a surrogate… why not if its not true?

    • Velaine

      1. No. I keep my baby wrapped like that when I feed him in public. And there have been pictures with the baby’s head showing, and I assume B could keep an eye on breathing.

      2. Maybe they didn’t want to risk celebrity obsessed creeps sneaking around the floor trying to get a picture of their baby? I won’t say it’s the kindest thing they’ve ever done, but when you’ve got the money and power to do it …

      3. It IS physically possible. Especially with a makeup team and stylists (and maybe spanx?). I’ll even suggest that B still looks a bit curvier than she did before pregnancy.

      Honestly, I’m not even a fan of hers, but the scrutiny she’s been under for this pregnancy is crazy. Every pregnancy is different.

  • Kelly

    While I don’t believe that she faked her pregnancy at all, I do believe that she could have carried around a fake baby just to appease the paps and not put her baby in harm’s way at the same time.

  • Velaine

    I can’t believe people. You know what, IF she did fake all this stuff that people are saying, it’s because of THIS. Every curve of her body, every movement of her baby’s finger, every layer of clothing thrown on gets scrutinized TO DEATH. I don’t think she’s faked anything, but with the media reporting on the crazy opinions of internet randoms, I really couldn’t blame her if she did.

    • SittingPat

      You do know that B & her man could afford to live ANYwhere in the world, don’t you? And quite, quite comfortably. Further, she could leave the baby with the nanny she most certainly employs, instead of dragging her along every time she goes out. No, no. B loves this attention. It is bread and water to her. Don’t be offering sympathy.

    • cutitout

      Is it really that uncommon for a mother to occasionally take HER baby out to lunch or shopping, or a walk in the park? Your saying she should do what? Leave all that up to a nanny and if she doesn’t, that means she’s an “attention- whore” Because we all know the paps would never follow her, the biggest pop star around if she did not have her child with her….smh.

  • ashley

    I don’t know one way or the other about the baby, but I have to say your comment that pregnancy “ruins” a woman’s body really bugged me. Women have to work so hard to fit the stereotypes of beauty that our culture reveres, comments like this are just so disappointing, almost as though someone like Beyonce should feel guilty for having a baby and no longer living up to our expectations of her. And normally I think you’re so right on with supporting women, this comment made me do a double take! Booooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @ashley — I’m not saying that pregnancy ruins a body, I’m saying that is the reason given by conspiracy theorists who do not believe Beyoncé was ever pregnant.

    • cutitout

      Lets be real, Beyonce is not known for being a stick figure. In the down time between albums she always gains weight,she does not hide it. She does not seem to be half as concerned with her body as everyone else. She does not have the type of body that is really going to be “ruined” by child birth, she is known for having a “womanly body” in the first place. It makes no sense.

      These people just want to smoke out new images of the baby. I commend them for keeping her under wraps for as long as possible. If they are so mean to the mom, we know what they will do to the child.

  • Mopotts

    I totally beleive the pregnancy was fake. From the time she “rubbed” her barely there belly anouncing it on stage at some award show in September (MTV VMA’s, I think) till the time she gave birth was like only 4 or 5 months! But any other time a celebrity is pregnant, it seems like they are pregnant FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (Jessica Simpson anybody?!)

    It was just too short of time, the bending down in that one video where it looks like she has a pillow underneath, and also shutting down half a hospital…it just screams fake to me.

    What bothers me most is that if she did do a sarogate, just admit it. Who gives a crap where the baby came from.

    • Aly

      This has been addressed before in the COUNTLESS other speculations about a woman celebrity doing something natural like having a freaking child.

      The reason the time frame seems rather short is because (SHOCKER) Beyonce waited to release the news once she was past her first trimester, a.k.a. the time when most women suffer miscarriages. She’s not going to announce that she is 6 weeks pregnant to have everyone fawn over the upcoming baby, only to have the possibility of losing the baby down the road and dealing with that so publicly. Not to mention, it’s come to light that she suffered a miscarriage before, meaning her health may be more susceptible to losing pregnancies. No one else knows. So from the time she announced it until the time she gave birth is a normal time frame for a full-term pregnancy.

      I think a lot of people need hobbies, because this speculation is so insanely far-fetched it’s not even funny.

  • Jenn

    USE A MOBY WRAP! I just want to yell that at her. Baby carriers like that one she uses are SO bad for newborns and infants. You shouldn’t use it until your child can straddle your waist, and I can tell you my baby when he was 3 months still couldn’t do that. I finally used a carrier on the plane with him when he was 9 months old.

  • rachel

    Beyonce’s pregnancy was definitely fake (used a surrogate) but her baby is real (I think :))

  • Sara

    Wasn’t Britney Spears pictured with a doll after Jayden was born? Remember the pool shots?

  • Maria. G.


  • Linn

    Well I dont know.if is fake or real but there are many and lots of dolls that look real that are made see make
    seem there real but there not for an example go to ashton and see lots of doll that look real but are not