Levi Johnston Gets Another Girl Pregnant


Levi Johnston, the Playgirl model and author who famously got Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol pregnant and fathered the child out of wedlock, has revealed that he is going to be a father — again — with another young, impressionable girl. Johnston and his 20 year old girlfriend Sunny Oglesby are expecting the birth of their first child together … which proves that Levi may not be good at nude modeling or writing … but he’s good at something.

Levi Johnston, who became the scourge of the Palins after impregnating the family’s teen daughter in 2008, is about to be a father again. TMZ reported that Johnston, 21, and his current girlfriend Sunny Oglesby, a 20-year-old schoolteacher, are expecting a child together. The two have been dating since late 2010 – several months after Johnston’s short-lived second engagement to Sarah Palin’s eldest daughter Bristol crumbled. Johnston was an 18-year-old high-school hockey player when he was thrust into the spotlight after Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate back in 2008. Bristol’s pregnancy was revealed to the Republican Party convention just days later. He and Bristol, 21, ended their engagement shortly after the birth of their son Tripp in December 2008. Johnston now claims bad blood between him and the Palins have resulted in limited visits with his son.

Ummmmmm. Yeah. I cannot think of another person who absolutely should NOT be procreating than Levi Johnston. He’s only 21 years old and he has already impregnated two girls … both under the age of 21. Something tells me that this second baby will not be his last. Trust me on that. I really wish I could, in good conscious, congratulate the couple on the forthcoming birth of their child but … I can’t. I actually feel really sad for this Sunny Oglesby girl. She will forever be saddled with Levi Johnston once she births his baby. That is a sad, sad fact.


  • Sara

    I bet Kevin Federline is his idol.

    • Niki

      My first thoughts, exactly!

  • rOXy

    He probably won’t marry her either. Scumbag.

  • mandy

    when will these kids ever learn to use protection?

    • True!! Even the most stubborn of men will put on a condom when their other option is being thrown out of bed without getting any.

    • Katie

      I think one of the funniest comments I read on another site was that all of the condoms in Alaska must be frozen.

  • marcus_em

    I suddenly feel like Snooki’s baby has a chance. LOL better question is what is up with Wasila Alaska letting a 20 year old be a school teacher… just saying this girl is labeled ” a 20 year old school teacher” don’t u graduate high school at 18? lol ooo Wasila all next door to Russia and what not… really though what the EFFFF is she teaching!? obvi not health class.. gross.. although levi .. rarrrr lmao I can see it.

  • zorbitor

    They are adults and had consentual uncovered sex – not much you can do about it

  • RuthJ

    You’d think he would’ve learned to wrap it up by now.

  • Sara

    I immediately thought of K-Fed too, ha.