Watch: The ‘Total Recall’ Reboot Releases A First Full Length Trailer


Last week we saw a teaser trailer for the forthcoming reboot film Total Recall. Today we get to see the whole enchilada. While the movie studio thought it would be a good idea to release a trailer for the trailer, I really wish they would’ve just cut to the chase and shown us the full length trailer from the get go. BUT, at last, the first full trailer for Total Recall is here … take a look below.

Honestly, the more I see of this new Total Recall, the more it makes me want to re-watch the original 1990 film. This one looks too … serious. And, I’m sorry, I just can’t take Jessica Biel serious in any film. Kate Beckinsale looks fantastic … save for that accent. Ugh. I dunno. I’m on the fence about this reboot. I’m not dying to see it but … I may check it out. Now that we’ve seen the full trailer, what do y’all think? Is this a film that you think you’d like to see?


  • Sara

    What’s wrong with Kate’s accent? She is from the U.K. after all…

    • @Sara — I guess to me she sounds like a Brit trying to sound like an American trying to sound like a Brit. Maybe she’s been here in the US for too long :)

  • jamie-o

    John Cho as a Rekall salesman, Bill Nighy as Kuato? ZOMG can’t wait! (And agreed, boo for Biel. Boring! Something this campy needed someone more FUN.)

  • Pumpkin

    Honestly, I could watch Colin Farrell read the phone book! Can’t wait for this.

  • Daniel Gonzales

    I don’t think Colin Farrell is a very good actor at all. They should have picked someone better.

  • Drajik

    i like colin farrell, but he doesn’t have the charisma of schwarzenegger

    and why a remake of total recall? what’s next, a remake of matrix?

  • stephanie

    I loved the original movie. I hope this new one is as fun as the old one.

  • swile71

    I thought the original was awesome! It just seems WAY too soon for a remake.

  • VV

    I don’t see the point of remaking a film that’s only 22 years old, and which is actually quite good and entertaining. Neither Farrell, Biel (“The A-Team”) nor Beckinsale (“Pearl Harbour”) are particularly compelling actors/actresses.

    I look forward to next year’s remake of “The Artist”, starring Hugh Grant and Cameron Diaz, with a cameo appearance from The Rock.

  • Colin Farrell had my attention when he starred in “The Home At The End Of The World” (a great book) – now I’m doomed to try all of his movies!

  • Megan

    “I just can’t take Jessica Biel serious in any film.”

    Thank god, I thought I was the only one!