Rihanna Unveils A New Look Yet Again


Rihanna has revealed another hairstyle, yet again. A few months ago she tweeted photos of her newly bleached hair, and today we get to see photos of her with a vastly different look. She has darkened her hair and shaved off part of it on the side. Rihanna enjoys posting personal pics onto Twitter and showing her fans her latest looks. Recently, we also saw her own snaps from the set of the music video, Princess of China, with Coldplay, where she embodied a “gangsta goth geisha” look. Check out the latest Ri-Ri self snaps and see what you think of this week’s look.

In these pics Rihanna’s hair is a very dark brown, almost black possibly, and she has kept it long with a side sweeping fringe and a side shave. When she went blonde, I said that I preferred her a brunette, and I actually think that this color really suits her. It looks natural and more how I imagine a younger Rihanna to look.

I do love how she regularly tweets pics of herself because she keeps us in the loop of her ever changing chameleon looks. This girl has seriously been everything from a fire engine redhead, to a platinum blonde, to a dark brunette, and all in the space of a few months. Very few people have the courage to dramatically change their look, so regardless of what you think of Rihanna, you have got to give her that one. Sure, some people prefer her one way and not another, but she still manages to pull off each of the looks IMHO. What do you think of brunette Rihanna?


  • a_sourgirl

    Anyone with the money can change her weave that often. …it’s a damn weave, you guys.

  • ClaireMichelle

    This looks SO much better than the blonde hair.

  • blaqfury

    I always thought she looked 10x better with black hair (or deep dark brown…whatevs)… I’ll take anything over that blonde mess she had before…

  • Sandy

    Anyone can change their look drastically with a wig/weave -_-
    The rest of us don’t do it because our hair would fall out from all the bleach and dye

  • Amarie

    I miss the old short black hair with the platinum blonde streaks. Before Chris Brown, before Ri was like this crazy ‘look at me’ chick.

  • Iheartaustin

    I love the shaved side!!! It’s completely badass and so damn sexy! Finally a Rihanna look I can get behind!

  • nicole

    the darker colours always suited her better. but lets face it ANYTHING would be better then that blonde.
    but im kind of shocked she did the shaved side. thats one look thats been so over done in the past couple years

    • Zach Rickel

      I thought the same thing with the head shave! Ke$ha, Lola Ciccone, Natasha Bedingfield, and Cassie all come to mind. In these pictures her hair reminds me of Aaliyah in a way (minus the head shave). Shoot if I were Rihanna, I’d be changing up my look all the time too! I love experimenting with my hair. Change those weaves girl! I just wish she would stop with the whole “gangsta” image she’s trying to portray. I think she’s starting to overkill it.

  • Chivonne

    This is by far my favorite look of hers. I really liked the angled bob she had a few years back, though.


    I’m so glad she ditched the blonde. People with darker skin have a hard time pulling off blonde hair and it really didn’t work for her at all.

  • rOXy

    Anything goes when you have a face like hers. Lucky beetch.

  • Z

    Seriously, this one needs to stop cupping her damn crotch! I also thinks she’s over-exposed =(!!!

  • leah

    Her hair looks so much better dark but i hate to say it i think she dress and acted so much better before this hole trashy rock thing she is trying to pull. i mean she had some amazing classy but still edgy looks and now all she talks about is sex. Its like yea we got it everybody wants you but she can do so much better!

  • Xadax

    She’s definitely watching The Voice’s Lindsey Pavao & Xtina’s hairstyle.