New Mom Hilary Duff Steps Out To Buy Baby Supplies


Last week we got to see the first pics of Hilary Duff since she gave birth to her son, Luca Cruz, just 10 days prior. Today she has surfaced again, stepping out on Saturday to buy a few things for Luca at The Pump Station and Nurtury in Hollywood. She looked amazing last week, and again, looks fabulous today. It is so wonderful to see Hilary being so calm and at ease being a mom and feeling comfortable being in the public just a few days after giving birth.

We haven’t seen Hilary out with Luca yet, but she has been out and about in the public eye quite a bit since she gave birth. She surfaced last week to make a trip to the hair salon and this weekend it was to buy some extra supplies for Luca. I think Hilary looks amazing. With her loose fitting gray sweater and floppy sunhat, she looks chic yet comfortable, and the best part is that she hasn’t felt the need to hide from the cameras until she had lost all the baby weight. Hilary has been confident and out and about from week 1, which is unusual in the celebrity new-mom world. I seriously can’t wait till we get to see pics of baby Luca with his mom and dad, Mike Comrie. I just adore this little family.


  • Hannah

    I say good for her. I remember the first few weeks being awful. You do not feel like yourself as you still feel pregnant, you are exhausted and you are suffering from crazy hormone changes and tears at the drop of the hat so getting out of the house feels great but to do it knowing that someone is going to follow you with a camera takes guts.

  • Brittany

    She looks awesome! She definitely still has a glow about her. So refreshing to see a hollywood mom going out without losing all her baby weight.

  • Jani

    she’s amazing!!! and I think that the baby weight suits her! =)

  • nicole

    love her!

  • Debho

    Now THIS is what a new mum looks like! Not stepping out for dinner in a cling fitting designer gown because god-forbid you should look like you’ve just given birth! Hilary has earned my respect with her natural look, unlike others who probably started exercising the minute they left the delivery room.

    • Sandy


  • Megsterg

    She looks great! This really makes me respect her. She still has a little tummy but she’s not hiding herself away. Good for her!

  • shena

    good for hilary duff for giving more time to her baby and buying stuff for the baby….days are good going for Hollywood mom…..
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