Movie Review: ‘The Raid: Redemption’


Last night, on the advice of a few friends, David and I ventured out into the cool, windy LA night to see the new action film The Raid: Redemption. A bunch of our friends saw the movie Friday night and really raved about how good it was. I also read a few reviews that were very positive and encouraging. David loves action films with high body counts and, honestly, I was in the mood for some popcorn so … away we went! All in all, I really did enjoy the film … tho the hardcore violence did stress me out a bit.

Let’s be clear here … The Raid features the thinnest of storylines and little to no character development … but that is not why folks are raving about this film. From almost the very beginning, The Raid is a non-stop bloody action film that rarely lets up on the gore and violence. This kind of movie is not for everyone but if you love martial arts action films that come up with clever ways to show people getting killed, then this is the film for you. Many of the fight scenes received applause from the audience members in our theater. I think I exclaimed an OH MY GAWD once or twice. The movie delivers on what it promises … and nothing more. The story and resolution is laughable but … again, this does not take away from the overall enjoyment of the film. As entertained as I was, I wouldn’t call this film a must-see. It will be just as good on DVD or cable. BUT, if you want some mindless action fun and don’t mind too much hyperviolent yet carefully choreographed fighting then The Raid might be worth checking out. If you do see this film, be on the look out for the “door jamb” death (for lack of a better descriptor). It was my favorite of the inventive deaths in the film. Enjoy.

  • I had no idea “jamb” was spelled with a “b”.

  • wow this Indonesian movies got the review in the US!

  • Little Pigeon

    Yeah…first Indonesian action movie got world attention. You guys can check out our traditional martial art called Silat in this movie!!