Charlize Theron Lunches With Newly Adopted Baby Boy Jackson


The lovely, Charlize Theron, stepped out for lunch yesterday at the Bouchon Hotel in Beverly Hills with her baby, Jackson, and we get to see the pics. We learned the news that Charlize adopted a baby about 2 weeks ago but she has remained very private about the matter and not revealed anything more than the fact that she has adopted a healthy baby boy whose name is Jackson. Check out the pics of the new mom and her son out and about in the Californian sunshine. Charlize and her mom, Gerda Theron, are enjoying the new baby in their lives, and Charlize looks as gorgeous as ever, and completely natural being a mom.

As Trent recalled last time, as far as we known Charlize is still single. She ended things with Stuart Townsend back in January of 2010 after a 9 year relationship, and now has sweet Jackson in her life. While we can’t see what baby Jackson looks like in these pics, and we still don’t know how old he is, it is great to see Charlize looking gorgeous and well and enjoying motherhood. No doubt she has had a pretty massive transition and change to her life the past 2 weeks. It is wonderful that Charlize has decided to expand her family, I’ve always loved her. Lets hope we can see photos of little Jackson’s face soon too.



    I LOVE Charlize Theron! She’s so talented and, well, amazing.

  • Charlize,
    You are truly a wonderful woman to find time in your career and all you do to find a special place in your life for a baby boy.
    you are a special person.

  • Lily

    Oh my gosh. So many feeble minded sheep. You all just don’t get it do you. Does it ever occur to any of you to ask WHY Hollywood stars are all having twins or adopting from foreign countries. I won’t give you the answer why, I’ll be wasting my intellect. This is yet another phony bunch of crap. I’m puking.