Are Eva Longoria & Eduardo Cruz Back Together Again?


In early March we learned that the 1 year love affair between Eva Longoria and her younger toyboy Eduardo Cruz had come to a sad end. BUT today we learn that the couple may be in the process of rekindling their lurve flame. Eva and Eduardo were spotted at the Chateau Martmont over the weekend, which makes it seem that either A.) the couple are getting back together, B.) the couple have remained “just friends” or C.) the couple never broke up in the first place. HMMM. Dunzo or not, the former (current?) lovebirds were spotted in close company so … I wonder what is really going on.

Last night Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz were seen arriving and leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, and despite reports of a split just a few weeks ago, these two seemed to be quite happy together! A source inside the hotel tells X17 exclusively, “Over the course of the evening, Eva and Eduardo were holding hands and whispering to each other, and things definitely appear to be back on between them.” While Eva never officially confirmed the split, she did recently tell People, “I feel very excited about my life and I’m excited about things to come. There are so many things on the horizon.” Sounds like Eduardo is one of them!

Look, whether the couple are back together, just friends or never broke up in the first place the end result is the same … Eva is still gettin’ some of that young buck lovin’ and I can’t hate her for it. I like these two together, I was really bummed when I learned they split. I hope they do get back and stay together. I think they make a great match. Keep it going, you two. Keep the lurvin’ going.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]