Zac Efron Hates Being A Heartthrob


Back in November of 2010, we learned that Zac Efron got himself all beefed up and buzz cut for a new film called The Lucky One. This morning, Zac made an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning to promote this month’s release of this film and was asked about his heartthrob status. Now, you may recall that Zac became a star setting hearts aflutter in the High School Musical films but, apparently, now that he’s all grown up … he’s no longer interested in the “heartthrob” label. Apparently, he hates being a heartthrob. HMMM.

He may have won over many young fans thanks to his “High School Musical” role, but these days Zac Efron doesn’t love being known as a “heart throb.” The actor, who stars in the upcoming film, “The Lucky One,” talked to “CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent Tracy Smith about being in the spotlight. “I can’t explain to you what it’s like to be a heartthrob. I don’t think I am a heartthrob,” he said in the interview. When asked what he thinks of the term, Efron didn’t hold back. “I hate it,” he said. “It follows you around, but you don’t deserve it.” While Efron may not think he’s deserving of the term, we have a feeling many people out there would disagree. In fact, he can’t seem to escape dating rumors that constantly link him to Taylor Swift and “Mirror Mirror” star Lily Collins. Maybe if he stops being so charming during promotional appearances and quits singing The Beach Boys songs with Conan O’Brien, he can start living down his “heart throb” label.

Erm, well … like it or not, when you look like this, Zacy poo, you will deffo make hearts (and other things) throb. I mean, I guess I get that he wants to distance himself from the label. He prolly fears no one will take him serious as an actor if they can’t see past his looks but … IMHO, if he’s a good actor, that will show thru irregardless. It’s also a humble thing to say, I’m not a heartthrob (I mean, I say it all the time). But, let’s be real … the young man is a hottie. Therefore, he’s a heartthrob. He should just accept the fact and move on. Then we can all be happy :)


  • Oscar

    He may not want to be a heartthrob but he really is a cockthrob.At least mine.What about yours?.

  • glenn verdult

    handsome zac efron.. he is good actor..

  • sals

    ew, zac efron

  • AmandaMarie

    *drools* Whatta stud. Good photo choice!

  • Laura

    I Luke

  • Laura

    Nice – I like Morrissey much more

  • Amarie

    I never liked Zac, but when I saw the lucky one trailer, I was like “when did he get so hot?” Wth. It didn’t help when he dropped a magnum either! Omg hahaha.

  • monica

    He is so hot. He has definitely grown up from his HSM days.