Dave Franco Gets Photographed By Terry Richardson


Jared Leto has famously posed for photographer Terry Richardson, so has Lindsay Lohanso has James Franco. Today we get to see photos of James’s little brother Dave Franco who also posed for Terry’s camera. As you may recall, last week we saw photos of Dave Franco in GQ magazine and today we learn that those photos were shot by Richardson for the mag. Click below to see more photos from that shoot, including one that is totally the pits.

Ah yes, Terry has ensnared another member of young Hollywood into his web of seduction. I suppose it’s possible that we may see more photos of the younger Franco in future Richardson photospreads … and I can’t say that I mind very much. Dave Franco is a handsome young chap. I think I’d like to see more of him in shoots like these … wouldn’t you?


  • Megsterg

    He’s pretty attractive! Terry Richardson is so creepy though.

  • terry richardson, what a joke…the most overrated hack in the business

    • nicole

      totally agree

  • Amarie

    Terry is creepy and so is the pit shot. The pic under the pit tho, oh my.