OK, so I didn’t win the Mega Millions $640 million dollar jackpot last night but my Friday was still pretty sweet. After much deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and join the gym. I know, I know … those of you who know me are having a hard time believing it but … it’s true. Last night, David’s sister Lara arrived from Connecticut for the weekend. She is heading down to San Diego for a conference and decided to swing thru LA to say hello. I may not be a mega millionaire but, life is pretty good.

So, per my 5K training schedule, I ran 3 miles yesterday (on the treadmill with a 2% incline) and then was so jazzed after my run, I decided to walk a rigorous 25 min. “hiking trail” walk afterward. On my way out of the gym, I went and signed up. So … I’m officially a health nut … or something.

David and I took Lara to one of our fave restaurants last night, Night + Market:

We pretty much ate our faces off and caught up with one another. Being the crazy partiers we are, we came home, watched some eps of Sex and the City and promptly went to bed. Crazy, I tell you.

Today, I’m going to my first yoga class, then I need to walk for another 60 mins. then … who knows. David and Lara will be heading down to SD later today, I will be flying solo here in LA. Happy Weekend. Oh and if someone could turn on the sun, I’d be really appreciative :)

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  • rOXy

    I didn’t win either. I was going to buy a house in Malibu as well as Carrie Bradshaw’s apt. in NY. Next time maybe.

  • Balito

    Hey its good you joined the gym… you have to be sexy for your sexy man!!! :)