Kristin Cavallari Leaves L.A. Because It Is ‘Toxic’


Pregnant Kristin Cavallari tweeted the news yesterday that she is leaving her current hometown of L.A. because it “can be toxic.” She wrote to fans, “Its official…I’m out of LA!! Been an amazing 8 years but that town can be toxic. I feel like I can breathe.” She and fiance, Jay Cutler, are expecting their first child, and have been through some tumultuous times over the past year, but seemed recently to have been closer than ever. She recently came out and announced that they want to have a second baby straight after the first, and then think about getting married after that. They don’t want to raise their family in L.A. though it seems…

These pics were taken earlier this week of Kristin jumping into a car in L.A. She was seen leaving Bagatelle restaurant on March 27th wearing a pretty summery dress which covered up her burgeoning belly.

When Kristin and Jay first announced that they were expecting, it sent some shock waves through the celeb world because the two have had quite an on and off again relationship. They admitted that the pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned but that it wasn’t an accident either. A few weeks later they announced that they were postponing their wedding until after the baby, and then a few week after that, Kristin announced that she wants to have another baby soon after the first and then get married.

Kristin has been looking really happy and content the past few weeks and this announcement she has made about leaving L.A. might be further proof that she is putting her tumultuous past behind her and moving forward with a calmer, more wholesome life focused around family and parenthood. She seems to be very happy about the decision, so this is good news. Happy moving!

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  • LOL! I’m sure this has *nothing* to do with the fact that Cavallari’s family home was lost in a foreclosure down in Laguna Beach:

    • helen

      @Trent – Wasn’t that LC’s “new house” on the show??

    • @helen — LC’s family home was featured on the show, yes. So was KC’s … which was less luxurious, if memory serves.

    • helen

      @Trent – I mean the one in the pictures of the link you posted… wasn’t LC’s dad building a new house where they moved into later on?? i think it looked just like this one, they even threw a pool party there… I wonder if KC’s family bought it from LC’s family, or if the pictures are just wrong… I don’t know, maybe my memory’s just failing…

    • @helen — Oh yes, I get what you’re saying. It looks like the photos in that news story are wrong.

  • Janaegal

    I think I’ve heard her say she wanted to move to Chicago anyhow, Jay plays there and her mom’s family is there.

    That being said, does she know it won’t be so easy to call the paparazzi to let them know where she’ll be, OUTside of LA?

  • Michelle

    Yeah, Jana. She claimed that the first time around, before Jay dumped her. I guess he didn’t want to buy her a place in LA. It’s well-known that she doesn’t care for Chicago or Nashville (the latter is Jay’s home base).

  • just saying

    I wish this girl happiness. Its not been easy for her with the family she has had or her own struggles. Why must we all be so negative all the time. THis is refreshing to see someone actually trying to get it together. They will live in Chicago when Jay plays & have anew home in Nashiville for off season. Lets be happy for them as they start a new life & journey & wish them well. Stop the snark.

  • ChristineLA

    Newsflash, Kristin, it’s not the people in Los Angeles that make it “toxic”, it’s the people YOU choose to associate with. You are going to find those same exact people wherever you live, I don’t care if it is in the middle of a Nebraska corn field.