Katy Perry’s Music Video ‘Part Of Me’ Is Being Boycotted By Feminist Women


Last week we got our first look at Katy Perry’s latest music video for her single, Part Of Me. There is obviously a very strong theme of a relationship ending in the lyrics of the song (which is why it sparked conversation about its relevance to Katy’s divorce from Russell Brand), but the video tells the story quite clearly. The most prominent theme in the music video is the U.S. Marines, which already ruffled some feathers. Huffington Post is now reporting that feminist women are boycotting Katy and this song because her video is propaganda for the Marines Corps and glorifies violence.

If you didn’t catch the music video last week, check it out here again…

Feminist author Naomi Wolf has a big problem with Katy Perry’s latest music video. Wolf, who is best known for her book “The Beauty Myth” and most recently made headlines when she was arrested in October at an Occupy Wall Street protest, is asking the public to boycott the singer’s video because she claims it’s propaganda for the U.S. Marines Corps.

“Have you all seen the Katy Perry Marines video?” Wolf posted on her Facebook page on Sunday. “It is a total piece of propaganda for the Marines … I really want to find out if she was paid by them for making it … It is truly shameful..I would suggest a boycott of this singer whom I really liked — if you are as offended at this glorification of violence as I am.”

I have to say the military theme in this video is pretty bizarre to me. I did find it slightly unnerving the first time I watched it because it did strike me as out of place, but I don’t know if I saw it as propaganda for the Marines. I could see the angle Katy was appearing to take it from, as a girl power anthem, but yet the approach of making it all about the Marines was very strange IMHO. It is a big leap though to suggest that Katy was paid by the military. I can’t imagine that, right?

What do you think, could this video be propaganda for the Marines?


  • Janaegal

    I think that this is reeeaalllyu stretching something to make an issue. To me, the video is a play on G.I.Jane, the themes are the same. She is sick of her loser boyfriend, so she joins the military to get away and be the strongest person she can be, which in this case is a US military member. I actually think it’s a great step in feminism because she is doing a mostly male dominated job.

    That being said, this is based off me only watching the first half of it because I found it boring and predictable and TOO familiar to GI Jane.

  • Diane

    So being a feminist means not supporting our military or showing them in a positive light? I thought it was about getting the same rights and equality in the world as men, which this video clearly shows. Ridiculous.

    • kendra

      I agree..I think it shows women as total badasses, personally..I don’t get what’s so irrational about it..She was sick of her life and wanted a change and wanted to become more powerful..What’s more powerful than being in the military and helping to defend our country? I think it would look irrational if she joined the military and wussed out..But..Whatever..Everyone will have their own opinions..

  • Amanda

    As a fan, I was disappointed when this video came out because it made women seem rash and illogical. I guess maybe the idea for the video was stronger than the execution. I cringed several times throughout the video, especially towards the later half of the video where she is seen prancing about in her uniform. Girl power is one thing, but the way the video flows just does not seem to convey that message effectively. If anything, it comes across silly, childish and petty. Total opposite of what feminism is about.

  • Jennifer

    As a feminist, I find this post really ignorant. There are a dozen different kinds of feminism and saying that feminists disagree with this video is painting us all with the same brush. I do think the video glorifies violence, the army and makes women look irrational (like Amanda posted above me).

    I’m not really surprised though, Katy Perry is the wonderful (read: sarcasm) woman who wrote a song called “Ur so gay” where the lyrics tell her ex boyfriend he’s so gay he might as well hang himself with his H&M scarf. Then subsequently, she writes a song about kissing a girl while vehemently denying that she’s ever actually kissed a girl. The lyrics also say that she hopes her boyfriend doesn’t mind. Clearly this woman does not align herself with women’s rights, human rights, or queer rights and I personally would never give her a dime of my income.

    • i think you’re going way too far with your analysis of katy perry. id even go as far as to say that you’re just being a hater. she’s an artist..shes allowed to write songs that are not real or about things she’s never experienced. just like an author writes books in fiction to get a point across. but ya, i do agree that being a feminist almost has nothing to do with naomi’s quote. if anything, it has to do with the effects of war and violence. the title of the post is kinda misleading. i studied feminism for a while, but I’m having a hard time finding a correlation between the quote and feminism.

    • Jessica

      The Marine Corps. is not the Army. Don’t be ignorant.

    • sars

      Marines are a branch of the Army. Don’t be ignorant.

    • rOXy

      C’mon now…the Army and the Marines are separate branches of our military, as is the Navy, and the Air Force.

    • Katie

      The Marine Corps is a branch of the Navy, get your facts straight.

    • rOXy

      No, you! :)

      The two branches have their own separate and distinct Chain of Command – the Secretary of the Navy oversees the two, but the Navy is headed by the Chief of Naval Operations, while the Marines are commanded by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.


    • Katie

      It is a department of the Navy. I know they have separate chains of command for I am a daughter of a Marine and soon to be spouse. They act independently of one another, but it has always been a department of the Navy.

    • Katie

      Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be nasty. You are correct, they are seperate branches and I cannot believe I said branch in my original comment when I meant to say department. They are very seperate :) Semper Fi!

  • o’vay – it’s a video? Also Katy Perry is awesome !!!

  • Jessica

    As the fiancé of a Marine I think this is B.S. This video simply shows one way (joining the military) of strengthening yourself as a person, which I believe is what the song is about. I thought it was really cool of Katy Perry to give the Marine Corps. a shoutout.

  • rOXy

    Oh boy (or should I say girl?), so “the” feminist Naomi Wolf has her panties (or should I say briefs?) in a proper twist. Some people will use any excuse to argue, and I feel that is what this Naomi person has done. I don’t perceive this video as a propaganda piece for the Marines. Nor do I perceive it to glorify violence. The footage was of training drills, not the blood and guts of battle. If anything, this promotes feminism. It shows that women can succeed in what has been a traditionally male role, which is that of a soldier. If Naomi wants to whine and cry about “war”, then she should thank our military for fighting to protect her freedom of speech. She’s asnine. Period.

  • D

    To begin with, I think the Song itself and the Video really clash. The light of which Feminism and the Military are presented is idiotic. I re-watched the video and attempted to take it seriously. All I interpreted was a bad story of a naive person abruptly joining the military like its some Hobby. She isn’t there because she wants to risk her own life fighting for her Country and standing up for what she believes in. Instead, she is training to Kill and Fight so she can have a part of herself that a boy can’t take away. Because after all, without a man she has nothing. Ugh… Its just bad all around and insulting to the human psyche.

    P.S. Whats with her wrapping up her chest in the beginning? For a second there I thought she was trying to be a Man or something.

    • rOXy

      Well said. I think many people join the military when they’ve reached the end of their rope and don’t know where else to turn or where else to go. Recruiters probably are on the look out for these types of lost souls. There are many reasons to join the service, respect and devotion to our Country is among the more honorable ones, indeed. I think Ms. Perry was trying to salute the men and women in armed forces, (not just the Marines), but her missile may have been a little misguided and missed the mark ever so slightly.

    • mini

      I know! That made no sense, I thought she was trying to be a man which is so superficial coming from Katy because we know it’s all for marketing at the GBLT’s again like all the other pop stars, and not who she is or what she wants to be like in real life. Which in the real world marines wear sports bras, and this dumb feminist criticism aside, just stereotypes real lesbians and real female marines.

  • Kaylee

    I don’t understand how other people DON’T get how this video fits. Maybe it just reconciles within just me, but it’s infuriating how such a strong message is blown off as propaganda.

    Okay, think about this. A woman loses the love she thought would be hers, and is trying to rediscover herself.

    She invests herself in a new love.. A love for her country, her job, HER LIFE. This is the part of her that no one else can have; no one can have her life and her destiny. Only she can push herself to wherever she wants to go.

    That’s how I felt when I joined the air force; the video is literally like a weird flashback for every moment up to this very point in my life.

    Art created is not understood by everyone, but when it resonates within a person, it’ll touch their heart, mind, and soul in a beautiful way. I’m not a Katy Perry fan, but I love this video.

    • Kaylee

      I would also like to add that it makes me feel really awesome at night knowing my contribution to America’s freedom by giving up MY freedom is supporting violence, thus making me a monster in the eyes of some feminists.

      Such ignorant feelings make me pretty infuriated; but at least in America you have the right to express those feelings, right?

  • Raegene

    Honestly . I’m a fan of Katy Perry’s song ! Maybe she has her own ideas on what the video means . so just hop off her Sh.t . Let Katy be Katy ! She knows why she made of video like this . & Thats all that Matters