Hollywood’s Actresses Compete For The Role Of Johnny Depp’s Wife In ‘The Thin Man’


In more casting news, director, Rob Marshall will start the process of finding the actress who will play Nora in the Billy Ray adaptation of The Thin Man, opposite Johnny Depp. Deadline reported thatthere is a long list of actresses who are all vying for the role of the Nick Charles’ wife. The list of actresses who are reportedly auditioning for the role include Eva Green, Amy Adams, Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Rachel Weisz, Kristen Wiig, Emily Blunt and Isla Fisher. Phew, now that is one long list of candidates! Who do you think should get the role?

The Thin Man is a remake of the 1934 film. It is being penned by the now iconic, Billy Ray, who wrote the screenplay for The Hunger Games. This is sure to be one helluva film, and I can see why all these actresses want to be on it it. Johnny Depp has been perfectly cast as the socialite detective, Nick Charles. It is basically a slightly eccentric murder mystery and I think Johnny will bring the right amount of charisma and broodiness to the role. I honestly don’t know who should be cast as his wife, Nora. At first I thought Emma Stone could be good, but now I’m not sure. I guess it depends what type of Nora they are after. With Billy Ray behind the steering wheel this is already looking like a good one to watch out for though.

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  • Keely

    I’m… hesitant to be excited about this film. ‘The Thin Man’ is one of my favourite films, and I think one of the reasons it works so well is because of the chemistry between William Powell and Myrna Loy.

    I like Depp, but I’m worried that with him in the role, the movie will go in a more gimmicky direction. I hope I’m mistaken. I want this movie to be amazing. And I hope it becomes popular and people discover the original films too.

    • Chris

      I agree Keely. The original film (and the sequels) are so iconic, it’s going to be hard to see anything related to Nick and Nora without Powell and Loy.

    • Zanne

      I agree w/ Keely and Chris – the original is amazingly witty and funny. On one hand I’m excited that it’s going to be in the public eye again but I’m nervous that a remake just won’t do it justice.

    • Keely

      Thinking on it some more, I -do- think that Rachel Weisz could make a good Nora.

  • Hampton

    Well it depends on what era they are going to use. In the film Wm. Powell was a bit older than Myrna Loy.It was a late marriage. She was an older post deb with all the money and very stylish. The film had wit and lots of quick saucy repartee between the characters. Nora has to be stylish and the produers should do a costume test. I like Amy Adams. Phyllis Kirk and Peter Lawford were wonderful on early TV series. How about Calista Flockhart?

  • Ama

    I have never seen the original, I’ll look into it sometime.

    But, I do hope fans of the original keep an open mind to this remake. Even if the plot, lines and everything in this movie are exactly the same as the original-it will be different. Because they have different actors/actress’ – Each actor/actress will bring a role to life differently. Which isn’t always a bad thing, if the actors/actress’ try and recreate the character created by another actor/actress in an original film-that character would have no ‘life’ on screen.

  • Megan

    Me…..oh wait. I like Rachel Weisz

  • Claire

    Some of those would be some very odd casting. Emma Stone? I hate that they keep throwing her in every period piece (though I guess they do the same with Depp), I’m not really a huge fan of her in those types of roles. Even though she’s young, I think Carey Mulligan would be great. Though I’d have to say Emily Blunt would be my favourite pick.