First Listen: Jennifer Lopez Unveils Lyric Video For New Single ‘Dance Again’


J.Lo’s new single, Dance Again, has been launched today with a lyric video. The new track features rapper and producer, Pitbull, and is definitely reminiscent of her prior hit, On The Floor, in which J.Lo also collaborated with Pitbull . She is busy working as the judge on American Idol but this week Jen is going back to her own roots as an idol herself. Dance Again is definitely a dance track, with a strong summer club feel to it. Have a listen to the new track and see if it gets you up and boogying this weekend.

J.Lo said that she loved working with Pitbull again, who is not only featured in the track but also helped produce it. She said, “We [Pitbull] had a great chemistry the last time, and it was like, ‘We’re going to have to do something again.’ And this was the perfect song.”

” I love the message of the song—that when something bad happens, your life is not over. You have to get up. You’re gonna live. You’re gonna be OK. You’re gonna dance again. I think when it came to me, it was the perfect moment,” she said. “I definitely related to that. I think it’s a good thing to put it out there right now, because everybody goes through tough moments. Everybody goes through hard times, and I am no stranger to that myself…Actually, we rewrote some of the lyrics to fit into that message.”

The track definitely has an upbeat rhythm to it, and the lyrics certainly get across the positive message of having the strength to get through the hard times, and keep dancing.

Have a listen, what do you think of J.Lo’s new single?

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  • nicole

    I like it, it got stuck in my head after one listen and i was singing it all day yesterday. But i think it would have been alot better without pitbull, this time he kind of takes away from the song. Cant wait to hear some of the future remixes.

  • Britt

    I am so tired of Pitbull.

  • rOXy

    On the Floor was a better song. This one isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t get my feet going the way OTF did. I can’t help but think this is an ode to her younger boyfriend, what’s his name? Casper? and that kind of creeps me out a little for some reason.