Bad News: Madonna’s ‘Truth Or Dare’ Perfume Ad Is Too Racy For TV


A few days ago Madonna released a commercial for her new fragrance called Truth or Dare. Today we learn that the Truth or Dare commercial has been deemed “too racy” for TV and must be edited if it’s to be aired on television here in the US. Feel free to roll your eyes at any time. In more positive news, Madonna has announced that she will return to Twitter to chat with fans next week. So you will get a chance to ask Maddy how she feels about this new controversy. Woot!

For showing too much cleavage, Madonna’s perfume ad is banned from television. Her 30-second black and white commercial for Truth or Dare is deemed too racy by ABC that the network has ordered a revision or else they won’t air it. The 53-year-old singer wears a low-cut corset and fishnet stockings while singing and writhing to her dance song. ABC wants the ad digitally altered to cover shots of her body, particularly the corset that shows big area of her breasts and behind. “ABC also wants to cut another suggestive scene where Madonna writhes around,” a source told NY Post. Even after the changes, ABC will only air the commercial after 9 P.M. for older audience.

LOL! I’m sorry but this is complete bullshizz. There is no way that I find anything in this video “too racy” … certainly not “too racy” for daytime/primetime television. Sophia Vergara shows more cleavage than this on Modern Family (an ABC sitcom) and in her Cover Girl commercials (which air all day, every day). I can’t help but think that this “controversy” is nothing more than faked PR. This commercial is terribly tame, especially by Madonna standards. I just cannot believe that anyone finds this clip at all “racy”.

But in happier news, we learn that Madonna is gonna be on Twitter next Wednesday to chat with fans again:

Madonna celebrates MDNAs 1st week success w fans April 4 10pm ET via @MadonnaMDNAday Have a question? #askmadonna Watch

As you may recall, Madonna tweeted with fans on Twitter for the first time ever last Monday to celebrate the release of her new album MDNA. That chat was cut short due to technical problems so … I think it’s cool that she’s making time to tweet with fans again. I’ll be there to chat with her, will you?

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  • Megsterg

    Yea, I was expecting something much worse from a “banned” commercial. That’s nothing. Though I will say I have no idea how Madonna still does this kind of stuff while having a teenage daughter who is going to be exposed to it. She can’t even say anything when her daughter goes through her rebellious stage.

  • Amarie

    I feel like Madonna is having a late life crisis. She’s trying to pull a come back like Jlo and I’m just not digging it.

    • rOXy

      I respectfully disagree. She doesn’t have to stage a “comeback” because she never left.

    • Ben@pr

      Completely true. I think it is so “supporting” when many women are the first to trash Madonna about being too this or too that all because her “age”. She looks a 1,0000 times sexier and fitter than most women half her age.

    • Claire

      I have to agree with you entirely. I think it’s really sad that a woman her age is dressing like this and trying to do exactly what she did when she was on top. I mean, maybe it’s just who she is, but I find it incredibly tacky, especially considering she has children. I can’t imagine being okay with seeing my mother showing her tits off, no matter how big an icon or how good she thinks she looks.

    • rOXy

      She is still on top and she isn’t “trying” to do anything. She’s flat out doing it. What would you rather she wear? A flour sack? She not in her 80’s. She not even mid-fifties. I think she looks fabulous, as always. I am sure her daughter is proud of her and has learned more than a few things from her as well. Younger women can’t compete with her in fame, in looks, in success, in money. If they can’t compete with her now, they never will be able to top her. Maybe that’s where all of the whining is coming from, perhaps?

    • PixiesBassline

      One day, you guys will be older too and I hope you remember to dress and act the age that everyone else thinks you should.

  • rOXy

    Many women on the red carpet show more cleavage than what is shown here. With you on the eye roll, all the way.

  • Ellen

    I thought it was a great commercial. Madonna was being true to herself. Go Esther!!!!

  • Ben@pr

    People should dress according to their age and more importantly according to their body type. But that’s for the common folk not for an Icon that have a great, fit and healthy body and is as sexy as they come. Bono or any of the guys of U2 or the Stones doesn’t dress like the common 50 or 60 something yr old man. Why a female Icon wouldn’t be able to do the same? I know JEALOUSY and AGEISM.