Reese Witherspoon May Finally Be Revealing A Baby Bump


The rumors are still circulating, and they have become so widespread, that all the celeb magazines and websites are basically accepting that Reese Witherspoon is definitely, 100% pregnant with her third child and first with hubby, Jim Toth, even though there hasn’t been any actual confirmation from her camp. The news first surfaced that Reese may be with child at the beginning of last week, and since then Reese has been photographed with what seems to be some sort of a baby bump, but it has been impossible to tell whether it is in fact a baby bump or just the remnants of a delicious meal. (Trust me, I know that feeling.) Well, today new pics have emerged of Reese, and IMHO there finally appears to be the signs of a real BUMP. Check it out for yourself though…

The pics were taken yesterday as Reese heads out for day. She has tried to cover her belly with her sweater, as you can see in some of the photos, but there is one pic where her gray dress underneath is revealed, and what appears to be a little bump, is poking out.

She looks so pretty in this gray, black and yellow ensemble, and I just love her bag. No one ever wants to ask whether a woman is pregnant, and I never would, but in this case seeing that it is just between me and you (and the thousands of other readers) do you think that is a baby bump under there? I do. Not only does it look like a lil’ bubby bump, but the fact that Reese is attempting to conceal it under a sweater is a sure sign, to me, that she has something to hide. I’ve had lots of girlfriends in the early stages of pregnancy who have walked around, even in the middle of summer, with a sweater on, just to hide those first signs. Reese has been surrounded by the rumors for the week now, but no one from her camp has confirmed anything. Guess, we will just have to keep guessing till we know for sure…


  • Liza

    When her second pregnancy had become quite obvious, she still wasn’t talking. Then right at the five or six month mark, she went on Jay Leno and excitedly said “I’m having’ a BABY!” and wire a dress that accentuated every angle of her beautiful bump.

    She handled her first pregnancy in similar fashion. Closed mouth at first; after a certain point it’s all smiles and definitely not hiding it.

    Given those past behaviors, I’d say she waits to say anything until she’s had her diagnostic U/S at the midpoint of pregnancy and once she knows all is well with the little sprite, she then feels free to talk about it.

    I think this is a good approach. When I was pregnant, we told everyone from our families to the owner of our local gas station the very day I hit three months, thinking of course we were “in the clear”. Then we were devastated at 16 weeks to learn there was no heartbeat. Telling people was a nightmare.

    Because Reese grew up with physician patents, I can see her treating pregnancy in this very clinical manner and refusing to publicly acknowledge anything until she’s had the diagnostic ultrasound (and because of her age in this case probably an amniocentesis as well) and knows there’s a healthy baby cooking.

    • Leah

      I’m so sorry you went through that.

  • Pattycake

    Announcement or no announcement, you can’t hide it forever unless you withdraw from the public eye, which it seems she has no intention of doing.

  • Joanna

    She so looks pregnant in these photos. I’m really happy for her. She seems to have found happiness with her new husband. I wish them a healthy wonderful baby (and an announcement after she is in the cleaner ;) )

  • AmandaMarie

    Certainly looks like a Reese’s pieces is cookies in there. Can’t wait until they announce there’s a lil peanut butter cup in there!

    • @AmandaMarie — :)