For The First Time In 4 Years, Lindsay Lohan Is Officially Off Probation


Yesterday we learned that troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan successfully completed her court-ordered probation and today we learn that Lohan is FINALLY in the free and clear, legally, for the first time in over 4 years. After she successfully completed her probation stint at the LA County Morgue on Wednesday, Lindsay appeared before Judge Stephanie Sautner for her final court appearance. Judge Sautner was very impressed with Lindsay’s hard work, she praised her … and formally ended her probationary status. Lindsay Lohan is now a mostly free woman again.

Lindsay Lohan has been released from formal probation for the first time in four years. She was ruled to be in the clear at her final hearing [Thursday], but not without some blunt advice from Judge Stephanie Sautner. She told the actress: ‘You need to live your life in a more mature way, stop clubbing and focus on work.’ But Lindsay couldn’t hide her delight and even Judge Sautner exclaimed excitedly: ‘She did it!’ The Mean Girls star seems to have listened to the authority figure – who she now genuinely seems to see as a mentor – as she told TMZ that she was planning to celebrate her freedom at a quiet dinner with her sister, Ali. And she told the judge: ‘What you’ve done has really opened a lot of doors for me,’ before adding: ‘I hope I see you again soon.’ Sautner explained that Lindsay had complied with all her requirements, and would now be free of official checks – if she stays out of trouble for two-and-a-half years. Lindsay’s spokesperson, Steve Honig told the Mail Online: ‘Lindsay has closed this chapter of her life and is looking forward to the next one, which has gotten off to a great start with Glee and Liz & Dick. She is focused on getting back to work and is ready to dive right into her next project.’

Big props goes out to Judge Sautner for her work with Lindsay. Without Judge Sautner’s strong hand leading the way, I sincerely doubt we’d be talking about Lindsay’s success today. While her probationary period is completed, Lindsay still must stay out of trouble for the next couple of years to be a completely free woman again. But, she will no longer have to check in with a probation officer, she’ll have no more probation work to do … all she needs to do now is stay out of trouble. HMMM.

Hours after her court appearance, Lindsay called in to TMZ Live to discuss her new lease on life. She told TMZ that she finally saw the err of her ways and vows to become a different, law-abiding person:

Lindsay Lohan called in to “TMZ Live” today to talk about her victory in court this morning. During the call, Lohan praised her lawyer Shawn Holley and Judge Stephanie Sautner … and slammed critics who claim she’s still a serial party-girl. But most of all … Lindsay wanted to talk about how and why her life has so dramatically changed in the past year.

Again … let’s hope that Lindsay is serious about this new attitude. We’ve heard it all before but hopefully, well, this time … we’ll see. The power has always been hers. If she wants to keep out of trouble, she can. I wish her all the best.

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  • xokimmy

    Here’s to hoping she sticks to a healthy, non-troubled lifestyle!
    She looks great in that blue suit, the color works really well for her.

  • Brittany

    She looks so much better than she has in the past few years. Thank goodness for this judge. Hopefully this will help her stay on a good path.

  • brittany

    I would love for her to have a britney spears-esque revival.

  • Paris

    How is she off probation? She was in jail not to long ago. I would think that would extend her probation. Plus what about her theft of that jewelry? Wasn’t she on probation for that?

  • VV

    It won’t last. I give her 18 months, tops.

  • Janaegal

    She’s still on probation, she just doesn’t have to check in so often. She can’t break any terms of her probation for 2 years.


    I swear, she looks so much better, but those nasty lips and those fat cheek implants make me cringe for her.

  • Nathan

    I’m happy for her. Now if she can keep it up, she’ll be doing great!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She needs to lay off the plastic surgery…she is starting to look AWFUL!!!

  • It’s her time for shine again!

  • rOXy

    While I wish her the best, I’m over her. Just not interested in watching anything she does.