David Beckham & Romeo James Enjoy A Bro Hang Together


Earlier this month we learned that mama Victoria Beckham enjoyed an afternoon of horseback riding with her eldest son Brooklyn Joseph in celebration of his birthday. Today we learn that papa David Beckham enjoyed a night out last night with one of his sons as well … middle son Romeo James. Becks and Romeo, wearing matching knit hats, were seated courtside at the Staples Center last night just the two of them … and BOY did they make a cute pair. Check out the fun photos below.

He’s a very busy father-of-four, with both professional and personal commitments taking up the majority of his time. So it must have been a rare treat for David Beckham to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with his middle son Romeo, as the pair enjoyed a basketball match in Los Angeles together. The duo sat courtside as they watched the game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Centre. Clearly enjoying the chance to spend some quality time alone with his father, Romeo, nine, looked thrilled as the pair joked around. David was seen affectionately ruffling his son’s hair, before pulling the little boy in for a cuddle, kissing him on the forehead at the same time. The pair also indulged in some sweet treats and fizzy drinks as they took in the match. While David looked cool and casual in his grey marl top and blue jeans, Romeo went for a brighter look in a purple zip-up sweater. However, both David and Romeo opted to wear one of the slouchy hats the footballer has become famous for. In a recent interview, however, David said that Romeo is the most fashion-forward of his three sons. He said: ‘Brooklyn will just wear his soccer shirts and T-shirts, but Romeo is the fashion one, so he’ll go for skinny jeans and a vintage T-shirt and funny hats. One Christmas he asked for a pair of Spats shoes.’ And Victoria added: ‘I’d love to say they get their singing talent from me, but they don’t. But they have good fashion sense; I like to think that they got that from me.’

Aww, I love these photos so much. We get to see lots of photos of Becks with just Brooklyn or Becks with just Cruz but we don’t often get to see his alonetime with Romeo. I know that both Beckham parents spend as much time with their children as a group or individually, which means those kids are the luckiest kids of all. It’s really very sweet and very heartening to see this kind of love and affection between father and son. And the matching hats? Kill me with cuteness already. Are they not just the cutest pair ever?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • kendra

    It’s hard to type since I’ve totally melted into a puddle of gooeyness..I love this family..

  • Bounds

    Screw the lotto. Let me be a Beckham. Lil Romeo has got his mom’s button nose. He’ll be a ladykiller soon enough. Dave, man…Posh over Ginger? Hmmm…

  • ChristineLA

    I love this family as well. How great it is that a 9 year old is still clearly happy to get kisses from his old dad?

  • Sergeja

    Sweet :)