Britney Spears Sells Mansion, Plans To Move In With Jason Trawick


While we still wait to hear when our dear Britney Spears and her loverman fiancée Jason Trawick plan to tie the knot, we do get a bit of a relationship update today. It looks like Britney managed to sell her massive Beverly Hills mansion (for quite a pretty penny) and is reportedly planning to move in with Jason before the couple get hitched. From the sound of it, it looks like Britney was able to score a sweet deal on her home and plans to find a place to live with Jason until they can find the perfect home to settle in once they get married.

Britney Spears has sold her Beverly Hills estate … TMZ has learned, but that’s not the big thing. Get this … it was listed at $2,995,000 and real estate sources tell us it sold for $4,253,000. We’re told Britney’s people listed the house at a modest price, expecting multiple bids and possibly even a bidding frenzy. It looks like it worked out for them, because the price they accepted is more than a million over asking. And it gets better … because Britney is under a conservatorship in probate court, there will be a hearing on the sale next month, and anyone can come to court and overbid the accepted offer. The house is in the Summit, an exclusive gated community.

Whoa! The place sold for a million over asking? Damn. I can see why Britney is happy to sell it so she can move in with Jason. My guess is that the pair will settle in a very nice, modest home while they figure out their wedding plans … and then move into (or build) the dreamhouse where they will live happily ever after. I can’t wait to see what that phat pad will look like.


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  • Be a little inappropriate

    Umm she already lives with Jason, first in her mansion “Chateau Suenos”, then at her mansion in hidden hills and now at her mansion in Thousand Oaks.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Thank God she finally sold this cursed piece of shit, that house has so much bad juju i feel bad for whoever moves into it next.

  • Janaegal

    Maybe the bad juju comes from those curtains? Eek!!

    • blaqfury

      Ha! I was thinking the same thing…

      Well I’m glad that they’re gonna get a fresh start together on their own terms… Don’t know why but i have a feeling, she’s gonna be pregnant before either one of them say i do!

      Congrats on her sell, especially in this market!

    • Denise

      Yeah, those curtains are pretty bad. And I’m sure she paid a fortune for them. Anyway, good luck to them on their move and life together.

    • JCZ

      Cause you really think that’s how her house was decorated?

      These sorta pictures are all designed for the photographs. I doubt a lot of the stuff we see aren’t what the celebs had in their houses.

  • Jenn

    I want that kitchen!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That dinning room is awesome…I know the 80s are back in full force but good lord TEAR those curtains down!!!

  • Debho

    The house is lovely, but the decor is horrendous!
    I assumed that Brit and Jason were already living together. Does she have the kids full time now?

    • Be a little inappropriate

      Nope she had them full time for like 6 months while Kfat was off being useless else where on the planet, but he back now so she only has them 60% of the time.

  • Sara

    I am so beyond happy for her and Jason and the kiddo’s!