Beyoncé Surfaces Out And About In NYC In Pink Without Baby Blue


Beyoncé has been seen wearing a lot of the color blue recently. We noticed this straight after Bey gave birth to her baby girl, Blue Ivy. In the first public appearance she made after the birth, she attended hubby, Jay-Z’s concert in NYC wearing a gorgeous dark blue Monique Lhuillier dress complete with bright blue nail polish. Since then in pics of Bey, she has frequently been seen wearing shades of blue, from navy to light blue. She has actually been spotted in New York a lot the past few weeks, so she must be out and about all day. She also is often with her sweet little daughter, who has remained hidden from the public. Today however pics of the new mom have surfaced, and she isn’t wearing blue, and there is no sign of little Blue either. Beyoncé was seen in Midtown Manhattan yesterday evening in a bright ensemble. She looks colorful and gorgeous. You have to check out these pics.

These pics of Beyoncé were taken last night as she was leaving an office in Midtown in NYC. I almost didn’t recognize her without her signature color on. She looks divine though, in her fuscia pink top and bright multi-colored long skirt. She has so much style and panache Bey, that she has completed the look with a black top hat and her famous big hoop earrings, and she looks too gorgeous IMHO. The skirt is pretty amazing, and I have been trying to work out which designer it comes from. Did you check out her enormous BLING on her left finger as well?! Beyoncé doesn’t usually show off her engagement ring, but in these photos you can hardly miss it.


  • Susanne

    OH MOTHER OFF GOD… The outfit had be much much better whitout these sunglasses and maybe som smaller earings? And the hat.. Don’t even get me start on the hat..


    How hipster of her.

    • JCZ

      How Rihanna of her!

  • Courtney

    like msot stars do Bey wore those sunglasses to avoid the flash blubs duh

  • nicole

    get rid of that hat, that skirt and get a different pair of sunglasses and the outfit would be great