Anne Hathaway Rumored To Be On A Drastic Diet To Prepare For Her Role In ‘Les Misérables’


We saw pics earlier in the week of Hugh Jackman getting into his character of Valjean for the upcoming film adaptation of Les Misérables. Today there are reports going around about another actor in the film, Anne Hathaway, who plays the role of Fantine, getting into serious preparation for the role. She is reportedly prepping for her role by undergoing a very drastic diet to lose weight. Her character, Fantine, is a destitute factory worker-come-lady of the night, slowly dying from an unnamed disease, probably tuberculosis, and they apparently want Anne to look skeletal in the movie.

The reports are saying that Anne is sticking to a strict 500 calorie diet a day in order to get gaunt for the role. OK! magazine in he U.K has reported that she is surviving on just two apples a day and a protein shake in preparation. YIKES!

This pic of Anne was taken at the New York premiere of The Iron Lady in December last year. She looks so healthy and well in these photos and I dread to think what she will look like when she starves herself for the role of Fantine. I have to admit, I really despise the idea of a perfectly healthy person drastically dieting, to the point of being unhealthy, for the sake of a role. I know that actors regularly ‘transform’ for a part, especially when it is a great movie, but this type of transformation scares me. I actually think it is quite irresponsible of the director to allow an actor to potentially get sick. OK!’s report obviously has NOT been confirmed, so these are just reports at this stage, but I have to say, they are believable. The character of Fantine is very unwell, and for Anne to look realistically dying, I believe that they would want a scarily thin actor.

The OK! story says that producers of the movie will be keeping a close eye on Anne’s health throughout the filming process, but this still is very worrisome for me. There are so many serious health risks related to such an extreme diet, that I hope that if this is true, Anne is undergoing regular medical checkups, and that she gets the assistance she needs to get back to her normal, healthy weight after the shooting is over. YIKES!

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  • Jessicagiovanna

    She’s gonna look like a prayingmantis.. transformation will be complete ! Watch out Hugh Jackman

  • Janaegal

    Oy, remember when Christian Bale went from SCARY skinny gaunt for The Machinist to bulky for batman and right back to skinny for The Fighter? Part of me admired his dedication to his craft( and he’s a real actor, it’s definitely for his craft) but goodness, that is hell on his system!!

    I have the feeling Anne is still urging to be taken seriously as an actress, which maybe is why she’s undergoing such extreme measures. But I know the film producer’s will make sure she’s as safe as one can be doing something like this. I wonder if she’s on that hormonal diet everyone is raving about. That has a 500 cal limit as well.

  • Rus

    Ewww, she’s already an ugly looking person…becoming scrawny is only going to make things worse.

    • Denise

      Rus, you think Anne Hathaway is ugly? I think she’s gorgeous.

    • Ben@pr

      She’s really beautiful and has that kind of Old Hollywood beauty. I admire her for not been a size 00 in her real life and if she’s willing to loose all that weight for the sake of a performance, go for it!!!

  • Baybridget

    You can do permanent damage to your body doing something like this!!! Put her in a corset for fuck’s sake and with the correct lighting and makeup she will look sick without killing herself!

  • Junipertree

    Yeah, surprising they’re not dealing with this with camera angles and CG.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    I’m with Russ, her look doesn’t appeal to me at all.. She has said it herself.. She has huge features on a small face, that will be magnified when her face loses fatty tissue.. it will be an interesting look for her.

  • Alicia

    They made Kristen Stewart look pretty skeletal in Breaking Dawn without having her crash diet, why not use the same thing for Anne?

  • alicia

    as a person practicing medicine i always get very scared for those practicing any kind of scary diet, the only diet i know many medical practioners okay for their patients is weight watchers or a meal delivery service, or the plain old counting calories and eating plenty of fruits, veggies, and lean protein. UGH i hope this is not true 500 calories is NOT safe