Victoria Beckham Tells British ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ That She ‘Stands For The General Public’


Victoria Beckham is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of British Harper’s Bazaar magazine. In her photospread, she models some very lovely and stylish vintage-looking bathing suits. In her coverstory interview, she reveals that in her estimation, she represents the “general public” in terms of size. Now, I know that Vicki B. is no longer as skinny as she used to be but … I’m not sure that I see her as a stand in for “the general public” … not by any stretch of the imagination.

She famously snacks on edamame beans, and frozen grapes and endures a diet of steamed fish and raw vegetables to keep a svelte size 6 frame. But Victoria Beckham has insisted that she is just like the average woman, especially when it comes to her catwalk creations.
In a stunning photoshoot for the British edition of high fashion glossy Harper’s Bazaar, the married mother of four said that she feels she represents the general public – when it comes to testing out her own designs. The revealing interview was accompanied by glamorous photos of the star in swimwear, which was very reminiscent of old Hollywood actresses and pin-ups Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Victoria explained that since she became a designer she prefers to wear her own clothes to feel more at one with the customer. But last year she was left disappointed she couldn’t try on her designs as she was pregnant with her much longed-for daughter Harper. She told Harper’s Bazaar: ‘We always joke that we have this fabulously gorgeous 17-year-old model who is six-foot-whatever and then I say “OK, I’m going to put it on. I stand for the general public here”. ‘It’s how I work. I found it really difficult when I was pregnant and I couldn’t do that. It’s part of the process – I’ll stand here in my knickers and start draping fabric over myself. It was very hard when I didn’t have my body.’ But with the average British woman wearing a size 16, and certainly unable to afford a dress from the Victoria Beckham collection – adored by the A-list – and costing thousands, it’s a claim that stretches the imagination somewhat.

Erm, yes. While it’s very cute that Vicki B. is saying, Compared to models … I can represent the everyday woman. But no, dear, you do not. At this level, she does not need to pretend that she is like everyone else. She’s not. She’s extremely rich and has every single advantage. A far cry from the “general public”. Still, I think it is adorable that she thinks she’s like like everyone else. Precious, right?


  • Zach Rickel

    Good Lord I can’t believe she’s had 4 children! She looks incredible!


    Isn’t the average woman in the U.S. a size 12 in terms of waist size?

    • Claire

      Well British sizes are bigger than US, so US size 12 would be 14 in the UK.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Chase, I think that might be bigger now that there are more obese and overweight folks nowadays.

  • Emma

    @CHASE- those are British sizes. British size 6- american 2 and british 16- american 12.

    • Jessica

      I thought she couldn’t be a size 6! Thanks for clarifying Emma.

    • Megsterg

      I was about to say! No way that stick is a size 6. 2 makes much more sense.

    • Shavonne

      @Emma-thanks for the clarification. I was thinking if she is a size 6 then I’m the Queen of England!

  • rOXy

    I love Vicky B. and she can do no wrong in my eyes. Of course she doesn’t represent the general public, but it’s sweet of her to say so.

  • Ben@pr

    That Posh!!! I love her sense of humor. Come on, you general public women out there. You too have a multimillionaire world famous athlete husband, got an army of nannies to make time to exercise for hours with your personal trainer at your state of the art home gym, chefs and nutritionist that prepare your calorie controlled meals and also run a high-fashion line that is wear by the A-list.

  • Bumper


    But delusional!