Lindsay Lohan Successfully Completes Her Probation


For the first time, in what seems like decades, Lindsay Lohan is about to be completely out of legal trouble. Yesterday, Lindsay successfully completed the work portion of her probation sentence and this morning, she will go before the ruling judge in her case and will — at long last — successfully complete all of the terms of her probation. As you may recall, Lindsay got busted for DUI back in 2007 and after a series of constant legal troubles has been in and out of court and in and out of jail. Today, Lindsay will finally be finished with all of that. And according to Lohan herself, she vows that she will never see the inside of a courtroom again.

Lindsay Lohan vows … she will NEVER again step foot in front of another judge. Lindsay was on break at the L.A. County morgue Wednesday — where she officially completed her community service obligation — when she vowed to stay clear of all courtrooms for the rest of her life. As for her big post-probation celebration tonight — Lindsay said she plans to grab dinner with her sister, and that’s about it. Lindsay also says she doesn’t plan to see her intrepid lawyer Shawn Holley very often after today’s hearing — but adds, Shawn “is still a good person in my life. She’s been there for me.”

Man … I honestly never thought this day would come. A few times over the years, Lindsay had been close to completing her probation and then she’d go and get in trouble again (case in point, the charge brought against her for jewelry theft). The girl has been a veritable trouble magnet for longer than I care to remember. She claims to have learned her lesson and for her sake, I hope she is serious. Her legal troubles almost hindered her chance to work in Canada on that Elizabeth Taylor biopic but because of her successful completion of her probation requirements, she’s gotten the green light to enter Canada to work on the film. Today can be a new day for Lindsay Lohan … IF she is serious about turning her life around. She’s made promises before so I’m not entirely convinced … but the power is hers. The power has solely been hers. If she wants to stay out of trouble she can. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  • Lauren

    Anyone taking bets on how long it’ll take her to get in trouble? Someone put me down for less than 6 months :P

    • Jenn…

      I give it 3 weeks :)

    • mc_swifty

      i say less than a year. give her time to get some projects under her belt then she will back to old linds.

  • shannon

    I’m gonna say tonight she’s gonna hit the bars in celebration and get busted for glug-glug, vroom-vroom.

    By the way, her saying that she will never see the inside of a courtroom again reminds me of the engineers who called the Titanic unsinkable.

  • I heard she is planning a dinner party to celebrate her legal freedom. I’m taking bets that she will get busted on her way home from the party and land her ass back in jail for a few hours and another 4 years of probation.

  • Niki

    Here’s something positive: she actually looks really cute here. Thank God she ditched that horrible platinum blonde for her more natural red.

    • nicole

      i was thinking the same thing. she looks great.