Boy Band 98 Degrees Is Planning A Reunion


Welp, it looks like the boy band reunion NO ONE has been asking for is going to become a reality. After the hugely successful reunions of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys last year, it would seem that another boy band got the itch to reunite. No, not *NSync. The 90’s boy band 98 Degrees is reportedly getting back together … or something.

Boy band 98 Degrees is reuniting for a summer after 10 years. 98 Degrees — Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre — is supposedly set to go on a 15-city tour this summer between July and August. Rumors of the boy band reuniting began after their website was updated for the first time in nearly a decade. In February, Timmons told a local news outlet in the Philippines that there had been discussions for a 98 Degrees reunion, but nothing had been confirmed yet. “We’ve been talking of 98 Degrees getting back together for a reunion show,” he said. “Nothing’s out of the question but nothing’s solidified. We’ll see.” Timmons formed the group in Los Angeles in 1995 with brothers Nick and Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffre. Despite meeting in California, all members of the band were from Ohio. Two years later, the group released its debut album, with the single, “Invisible Man.” 98 Degrees would go on to release eight Top 40 singles, including “Thank God I Found You,” which featured pop diva Mariah Carey, and “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).” Since announcing an extended hiatus in 2002, the members of 98 Degrees have pursued individual projects. Drew Lachey won in the second season of “Dancing with the Stars,” while brother Nick released two solo albums and is now the host of the a capella talent search “The Sing-Off.” Jeffre ran for mayor of Cincinatti, Ohio, while Timmons also released a solo album and toured internationally.

Um. Ok. I can’t really say that I am at all interested in seeing 98 Degrees together again but I’m sure they still have fans out there who are really gagging over this news. I guess you gotta strike while the nostalgia trend is hot … not to mention, thanks to One Direction and The Wanted, the US is enjoying a bit of a boy band resurgence. I wish the men of 98 Degrees all the luck in the world with their reunion plans. Are any of y’all 98 Degrees fans? Will YOU be seeing these guys on tour if they hit the road again?


  • Glen CoCo-Franco

    Jeff was hot…point blank period..but he could look like something outta Mordor now, so methinkks i’ll withhold my final opinion

  • nicole

    i probably wouldnt pay to see them but seriously…this should give nsync a kick in the ass. every boy band is getting back together but them!
    im still holding out for a nkotb/bsb/nsync tour. (high hopes here)

    • Julie

      I’d pay good money for that tour!! The teenager in me would go crazy!!!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I remember seeing them at the Iowa State Fair forever ago. Ahh, memories.

  • They were the HOTTEST of the boy band heydey. Hands down. I’d take 98 degrees shirtless over BSB AND NSync together.

    • Lindsey

      AGREED on the hotness factor!!! And I love *NSync and BSB to the core! This intrigues me, and I am curious how they all look and sound now. Seriously *NSync, can’t you just reunite once every 5 years or so and put on a TV special like the good old days? Doesn’t seem like that much to ask!

  • Shannon

    No thanks!

  • I don’t think that this reunion will be as successful as the NKOTB/BSB one last year simply because they didn’t become as famous as the other boy bands back in the 90’s. Nick was the only famous one and that was for being involved with Jessica Simpson, not his musical talent. I guess they decided to reunite since BSB did so last year and there won’t be an NSYNC reunion anytime soon (they have said they aren’t opposed to reuniting, just not now).

    • nicole

      i wouldnt say BSB reunited last year, those guys have been touring forever. the only difference last year was they had an epic tour with NKOTB

  • Alicia

    I’d like to see them. Not saying BSB and NSync couldn’t sing, because they can, but 98 Degress kicked ass a capella. Best singing outta all the boy bands. They really truly can sing. I’d see them if they came to my town.

    • Lindsey

      Seeing your comment reminded me that there are STILL feuds on You Tube about who the best boy band was! Go watch a vid and have a giggle!

  • sars

    As a Cincinnati girl, I’m obligated to love them.


    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM… No one really cared about them back in the day. In fact, they were a poor man’s BSB and N*Sync. How embarrassing for them tbqh.

  • Lynne

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them live! LOL! :P

  • Grace

    “Kashing” could probably sum it up, yes?

  • Schmooie

    I loved them so I would love to see them live again! :) They were the best when it came to a cappella. I still listen to their Christmas CD because of the a cappella on the traditional songs. So happy!

  • Alesha

    I might see them, depending on ticket prices. They should have an opening act like OTOWN or someone also nostalgic from back then, or maybe someone new who would be some sort of a draw now. I would love a KNOTB/NSYNC/98 Degrees tour, but know that won’t happen-at least not for a looong time.

  • JeniLee

    So pumped. I was and still am a HUGE fan. They were always my fave boy band! Their acapella singing was amazing and they were def the hottest….mmmmm those muscles. Well except for Justin Jeffre.

    I saw Jeff in April of 2010 when he did a small solo tour and he was SO nice and very into a reunion so I am glad to see it finally happening. Nick and Jeff still look DAMN good.