Beyoncé Steps Out With Blue Ivy Under Her Clothes


There has been lots of sightings of Beyoncé out and about in New York the past few weeks, and we have seen Bey (often dressed in the color blue) cradling a little covered up Blue Ivy. We haven’t seen a picture of little Blue Ivy since her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, released those first adorable pics of their little princess just after she was born. Today we get to see momma Beyoncé enjoying the spring weather in NYC, as she hits the streets of Manhattan in her signature color. And yes, sweet Blue Ivy, is there with her, but hidden away. This time – under her mom’s own clothes!

Last week we contemplated whether Beyoncé has always worn this much blue. Once you start noticing the new signature color in Bey’s wardrobe, the theme becomes quite apparent. Again, we are seeing Bey wearing shades of her daughter’s name, and if you look closely in the pics, her nail polish is blue also! We saw this a couple of weeks ago too, when Bey stepped out for hubby, Jay-Z’s, NYC concert at Carnegie Hall.

No doubt, Beyoncé looks gorgeous – she always does, at least IMHO. I do love the color blue on her. It makes her skin glow and she just looks so fresh and put together. Her outfit here is fun and cute. I love the bright yellow shoes against the outfit. The fluffy scarf-thing though, which is hiding little Blue Ivy… hmmm..

I am starting to feel though that the whole hiding of Blue is starting to become a bit much. We’ve seen her put cloths over her little daughter, a towel, and now her own clothes – just to hide her from the cameras. While, I completely understand that they want to shield her from the paparazzi’s eye, and I even highly respected it initially, I am starting to wonder when they will let her out from under there. I think the more they hide her, the bigger deal it will be when she comes out. And, by the time we see Blue I think she will have changed so much from those initial photos they released, we might not even recognize her. I also just wanna see the lil’ cutie.

What do you think of the way Beyoncé and Jay-Z are hiding their little girl from the public?


  • gayana

    the kid is gonna choke with no air under all that fur!

  • Liza

    I live in Texas now and am pretty far removed from the loop I once inhabited, but I heard that its not do much an issue of “hiding” her…but an issue of protecting her eyes from the massive flashbulb explosions that go off wherever B goes. Newborns have such sensitive ocular development, I actually think this is a good idea. You know how it is when someone takes your photo with a flash- you feel momentarily disoriented and “see spots”…well just imagine a hundred of those flashes, as big and bright as they come, all trained on your little baby’s face.

    I think this comes down to responsible parenting, truly. I am sure when Blue is closer to a year and is able to rock a pair of oversized sunglasses, she will be showing that adorable face everywhere.

    • eca


  • Rika

    Liza- I agree with you about the flash bulbs thing, it could be totally overwhelming for a child and possibly permanently damage her sight. That being said, Bey and Jay have more than enough $$ to afford a nanny, and if they really wanted to protect her they could be leaving her at home.

    • perdiz

      If they did that then people would be criticizing Jay and Bey for never being with their child. I like that she is always the one carrying Baby Blue.

    • eca

      I like the hands on parenting and the fact she doesn’t have a nanny too!

  • Susanne

    Maybe Bey isn’t that happy about that the baby looks more like Jay than her? Lol This baby gonna choke in Bey’s boobs…

  • Junipertree

    I think it’s the flash thing too. She’s being a good momma. Now she just needs to read up about Bjorn carriers and baby hip dysplasia.

  • Ben@pr

    Their public appearances with the baby are beyond annoying. They take the baby out in “public” yet they hide her from the public. If it is the cameras flash thing, why are they exposing her to that?! Since they already are planning a baby products emporium I think they are doing this for the sake of creating the hype that didn’t come with the baby’s birth.