Watch: Madonna Releases A Commercial For Her ‘Truth Or Dare’ Fragrance


Back in December we got to see the first promo image for the release of Madonna’s first celebrity fragrance Truth or Dare. Today we get to see the first video promo for the scent. As you may recall, we learned late last year that Truth or Dare by Madonna would hit Macy’s store shelves in April … so it’s time to unleash the big promo campaign. Click below to check out the just released video commercial for Madonna’s first fragrance Truth or Dare.

Hee hee. Now this is how you sell perfume. I love that Maddy dug way back into her close, sniffed out one of her old masks from the Erotica days and decided to step back into her Dita shoes for this clip. I love the styling of the bottle, I love the promo imagery … what I don’t love is the over-saturation of celebrity fragrances on the market. I’m sure Madonna can stand out from the crowd and sell her smell but does this clip make you want to smell like Madge?


  • rOXy

    Not so sure I’ll love the fragrance, I have yet to find a celebrity fragrance that I even like. Most have synthethic bases and they smell cheap to me. I guess anything you can pick up at CVS at 3am is bound be less than luxurious. I would expect Madge’s outlet to be more like Neiman’s, but that’s only wishful thinking. She looks like a proper tart in that commercial. Love her.