The ‘Dallas’ Reboot Releases A Sexy New Promo Poster


WAY back in October of 2010 we first learned that TNT was planning to produce a reboot version of the classic 80’s primetime drama Dallas. Many months later, in July of last year we got to see the first teaser trailer for the series (then a second, longer trailer) … which won’t debut until Summer of this year. At last, we’re in the home stretch for the premiere of the new incarnation of Dallas and to further promote the show, TNT has released a fun new poster for Dallas. Click below to see some of the old cast mixed with some of the new cast all wearing no clothing at all.

Looks like things are going to get steamy on TNT’s new Dallas reboot, er, continuation. A clever new teaser campaign features the core cast stripped down to nothing but fluffy white towels. The accompanying tagline — “They’re back, and no, you’re not dreaming” — pays clever tribute to the ’80s-era series’ memorable/zany revelation that its entire eighth season was nothing more than an extended dream sequence, a plot point that came to light when Pam discovered the presumed-dead Bobby alive and well and in the shower in the Season 9 premiere. In addition to returning original series stars Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray — reprising their roles of J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen, respectively — TNT’s Dallas features Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives) as Bobby and Pam’s son Christopher, Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives) as J.R.’s son John Ross, and Jordana Brewster (Fast & Furious) as Elena Ramos, a ranch cook’s daughter who will be caught in a triangle with the aforementioned lads. Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars) plays Christopher’s fiancée, Rebecca, while Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives) is Bobby Ewing’s new wife, Ann. Pictured left to right are: (Back row) Gray, Hagman, Duffy, and Strong; (front row) Henderson, Brewster, Metcalfe, and Gonzalo.

This new version of Dallas will premiere on June 13 … are you in? As I said before, Dallas really wasn’t my thing back when it was on the air originally (I was still into cartoons and stuff) but I vaguely remember my parents watching the show. Because I don’t have the kind of attachment that fans of the original series have, I am interested but not really dying for this new series. I’m curious to see if younger folks, who have no experience with the original Dallas at all, have any interest in watching this new series. Again, the young new cast doesn’t really appeal to me (I’ve never been a big Jesse Metcalfe fan … nor a Jordana Brewster fan, to be honst) and I’m not really looking to see more shirtless photos of the old cast. I dunno. Are any of y’all planning to tune in and watch this new version of Dallas?


  • dallasfan

    The old show was great. Really good script writing and great casting. Just an old fashioned story but on a larger scale than most of us would know–but story in its purest form. I pretty much hate all tv except Survivor and House but I’ve watched all these seasons twice in the last ten years.

  • LMAOF……… this poster is god awful …this has to be a joke, are you kidding me

  • DP

    The series is NOT a reboot. It’s a continuation of the original Dallas.

    And that poster is BRILLIANT.

  • Balito

    Is that a re-cast from Desperate Housewives???? ha ha ha