Lindsay Lohan Will Be Guest Starring On ‘Glee’


Lindsay Lohan, who is currently attempting to make a career comeback after many years of legal woes and drama, is confirming today that she will be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Glee. As you may recall, Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan got really angry last year when Glee lampooned Lindsay’s trainwreck of a life when she was referred to as “crazy” on the show. Clearly, bygones are bygones because Lindsay happily accepted an offer to appear on the show … as herself. Read on for all the known deets.

Lindsay Lohan is on her way to McKinley High, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. Before the end of the season, “Lindsay will be appearing in an episode of Glee,” says rep Steve Honig. As for her role, according to reports she may play herself, as a judge at the Nationals. Having honed her comedic chops hosting Saturday Night Live earlier this month, Lohan, 25, will be the latest in a string of guest stars to appear on the Fox show. The casting news may come as a surprise to some, especially because Lohan has frequently been the target of jokes on Glee. But this could also be good news for the troubled starlet, who was involved in a car accident earlier this month and is scheduled to receive her final probation report, stemming from previous DUI and necklace theft incidents, on Thursday.

We already know that Lindsay is planning to play Elizabeth Taylor in a made-for-tv Lifetime movie but I’m guessing that playing herself on Glee will be heaps easier. I honestly do not blame her for taking this guest spot on Glee, even tho the show takes advantage of every chance at making fun of her. Appearing on Glee will do much to help her “comeback” be more successful. This is inspired casting … Ryan Murphy deserves a medal. What do y’all think? Will you tune in to watch L. Lo on Glee?


  • Fabio

    YES! She better be singing!

  • Joon

    I don’t know, it could be mildly entertaining. I’ve lost track of Glee. Are Emma & Mr Schue still together?

  • This is not such a good idea. If this was the Lindsay from back in her Mean Girls days then it would be a brilliant idea. She needs to go away and have people forget who she is and come back with a clean slate before trying to act again.

  • Todd

    Oh HELL no! I think this is an insanely bad choice on Ryan’s part. Love the show, but really don’t want to see this episode at all. So over Lindsay, I used to be Team Lindsay, but too many mistakes over and over.

  • Suzie Z

    I actually may watch this episode – if she’s a trainwreck or entertaining it would beat how lame this season has been for me. Something is wrong w/a tv show when Nene from Housewives of ATL is the best thing happening this season. :)

  • AmandaMarie

    I think this is a perfect idea.

  • Shannon

    There are so many talented actors and actresses out there who never get a shot. Why does this douche bag keep getting work and money?

    • cmc

      Because our society loves to watch people crash and burn :( That episode will probably have amazing ratings because everyone wants to see her new face in motion.

      I wish for a lot of great things for Lindsay. Absolutely none of them are that she gets in front of the camera again. I’m still really, really hoping she’ll take a turn somewhere and won’t end up as an aged, crazy, drugged out Courtney Love type.