First Look: Matt Bomer On ‘Glee’


Back in January we learned that actor Matt Bomber would be guest starring this season on an upcoming episode of Glee. Today we get our first look at Bomer on the show. As you may know, Matt has been cast to play the older brother of Darren Criss’s character Blaine … and it is highly likely that Bomber and Criss will be performing together on the show. Click below to check out the first photo of Matt Bomber on Glee and get a small taste of what’s to come on next week’s ep.

On April 10, Glee welcomes White Collar hunkmuffin Matt Bomer as the cheekily-monikered Cooper Anderson, the older brother of Darren Criss’ Blaine … the Brothers Anderson are set to perform a mash-up of classics from ’80s supergroup Duran Duran in the episode, which is appropriately titled “Big Brother.”

OH, well there you have it … Bomber and Criss will be performing together. I am a big Duran Duran fan so I’m really looking forward to seeing this mash-up performance of their songs. I think casting Matt Bomer as Darren Criss’s older brother is brilliant … and I love the name Cooper Anderson. This looks like a fun ep. After all, we’ll get another 22 mins. next week to just stare at Matt’s beauteous visage.


  • tvpam

    Matt Bomber – I hope that’s not a prediction of his singing ability! ;)

    • azuresque

      It’s Bomer not Bomber

  • Will

    Wow… Seriously, I think he’s the hottest gay guys out there.
    Just saw his pictures on IMDB… Beautiful blue eyes… :O

  • Carrie B

    He sang at one of the Kennedy Center Honors events, so I think he’s gonna be pretty good. Love you Matt! White Collar is fantastic, & must-see TV at my house!!