Watch: ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Releases A Teaser Trailer


Back in February we got our very first look at the first footage from the forthcoming sequel film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Earlier this month, we got our first good look at protagonist character Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) as a vampire in the film. Today we get to check out the just released teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Check it out below … you know you wanna.

LOL. The dialog in these films is beyond laughable … how these actors can say these words with a straight face is beyond me. But, the end is in sight. This Fall, The Twilight Saga film franchise will finally come to an end (tho, with that $155 million dollar box office enjoyed by The Hunger Games this weekend, the argument can be made that Twilight is already over) … are you ready to say goodbye to Bella and the gang?


  • Ama

    I was ready to say “goodbye” after the first movie. Can’t wait for this whole Twilight craze to finish and go away :)

    • anna

      HA! Agree, good riddance sparkly vamps :)

  • Meghan

    LOL! This is even more amusing with Bella as vampire. I still consider Breaking Dawn part 1 to be the comedy of last year. I laughed so many times during that film!

  • nicole

    im convinced people watch these movies for a laugh..not because they actually like them

  • Joy

    “we’re the same temperature now” haha :) but seriously! I WANT TO SEE MORE!

    • Goofy

      Joy: That is Oscar-worthy scriptwriting right there.
      ALso, when I saw the deer in the Hunger Games, I’m like “uh oh, Bella has competition.”

  • Alicia

    The ending of the book was so terrible I need to see how they put in on screen. After I was done reading it I thought of this climatic X-Men type ending excpet Magento shows up with the brotherhood and is all “Opps, made a mistake, my bad” and walks off. XD

    • Dot

      Exactly my thoughts! The whole time I read this book I was waiting for the big fight with the Volturi and when they finally showed up nothing happened. They chatted up a little bit and went home… The book was written horribly but the ending made it hundred times more terrible. I haven’t seen the first part of the movie and I’m not planning to see second one.

  • Alys

    I’m still going to talk to you in my deadpan Shatner voice.

    This time I’m more beautiful than ever even though I’m styled exactly the same.

    I’m a total Mary Sue but I still need Edward to tell me what to do.


  • rYan

    They showed this trailer before Hunger Games when I went this weekend. Even though the stereotypical twilight fan was there (female, under 17 or female over 40), there were quite a few laughs at the dialogue and ESPECIALLY when Bella pops out from behind the tree with her red eyes. LOL! My faith in humanity was restored.

    • Paul

      The exact same thing happened when we were watching previews this past weekend in the theater. The audience laughed for a long time when Bella popped out from behind the tree. However, the preview for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter got even bigger laughs.

  • Ashley

    I laughed when she is creeping on the deer lol