Very Pregnant Jessica Simpson And Sister Ashlee Simpson Were Bridesmaids Yesterday


Very close to the end mom-to-be Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee Simpson were bridesmaids at their friend’s wedding this past weekend. Pictures today have surfaced of Jess and Ashlee from their pal, Lauren Zelman’s wedding to actor Bret Harrison which took place at the Parker Palm Springs in California yesterday. Ashlee’s son, Bronx, was the ring bearer, and also in the bridal party were actors Adam Brody and Josh Schwartz who were groomsmen. The gorgeous Jessica, who is almost 9 months pregnant and now has a very large bump, apparently had to be seated during the ceremony and needed assistance to walk down the aisle. Check out the wedding snaps…

All of the bridesmaids wore matching maxi length pink toned floral dresses, and luckily the loose fitting style worked with Jess’ now extra large bump. All the girls looked lovely and the wedding seemed to be a gorgeous, garden party. I have to say Jess is a very good friend to fulfill all her bridesmaid duties so close to the end of pregnancy. The fact that she had to sit down during the ceremony and needed help to walk down the aisle says that she is now struggling a bit, which is obviously to be expected. We have the exciting wait now until Jess delivers that little bub, and then all the news of her own wedding to fiance Eric Johnson. I think Jess will wait until she is back to her pre-baby weight and until their little girl can be a part of their ceremony. Maybe she will even be their ring bearer and walk down the aisle. Won’t that just be the cutest thing ever!?


  • Alys

    Those bridesmaids dresses remind me of Chico’s dresses crossed with springtime curtains in Bed, Bath and Beyond. Yuck, the pattern just does nothing for me. Talk about not showing up the bride? Jess looks orange in that last picture! Bad tan or light? I don’t know. But the redhead beside her has hair I envy: so shiny!

    It’s *so* sweet they have the puppy in the picture!

  • Courtney

    i SWEAR whoever is walking with Jessica looks like Britney’s Fiance! lol

    • dc

      My thoughts exactly!!

  • Fabio

    Ashlee looks beautiful.

  • Andrea

    Is it me, or does the girl standing next to Adam Brody look like Rachel Bilson? Plus, is that the dog she and Adam got when they were together?

  • JillyD

    Thsts Jess’ fiancé walking with her.

  • JillyD

    That’s Jess’ fiancé walking with her.

  • nicole

    those dresses are adorable. perfect for the season

  • Shannon

    Oh man I just wiki’d Bret Harrison yesterday because I had such a big crush on him in grounded for life

  • Courtney

    the writter of this article is an idiot Jessica isn’t 9 months pregnant she’s 7.5 33 weeks there are 39 weeks in nine months which would be May 4th her original due date was may 11th. but because she’s carrying excess amniotic fluid her date was moved up 3 weeks to April 20th. Jessica made the promise to be a bridesmaid in Lauren’s wedding before she was ever pregnant so she wasn’t gonna let pregnancy make her not fufill the promise at this point she’s gained about 42lbs which is perfectly healthy for a first time pregnancy

    • dc

      @Courney – Seriously? Calm the f*ck down. Melissa clearly wrote that Jessica “is almost 9 months pregnant” which is not an exaggeration in the slightest… Jessica is nearing the end of her pregnancy, which makes her ALMOST 9 months pregnant. As for the gaining “42lbs”, nowhere in this article is there ANY implication that Jessica has gained an excessive amount of weight. This entire article is very complimentary of Jessica. Based on your criticism of the “writter” of this article (not to mention your apparent lack of understanding of the proper use of punctuation), I would venture to say that you are the real idiot here.

    • Sarah

      lol @ dc. Amen!

      @Courtney, you need to take a seat.

  • Errin

    Lol @ courtney

  • yoga girl

    Apparently this is the same “Courtney” who wrote this idiotic post on 3/22 regarding Nick and Vanessa Lachey…what Courtney was trying to refer to, but missed the mark so completely, was Chorionic Villus Sampling NOT Chronic Viscus Sampling! Total fail. But she did get the letters correct – CVS – so i’ll give her a point for that.
    Courtney seems to be the self-appointed expert on all things medical and obstetric. I suspect she is a doctor wanna’ be or maybe she took a few science classes in highschool…
    @Courtney – you might want to pipe down for a while and stop acting/writing as if you have any medical authority at all. It is entertaining though to read the posts of those,like you, who pretend to be experts…

    and yes- before you tell me to f**k off – i actually am a doctor (the kind who actually went to medical school, got an MD, did 8 years of surgical trianing and has been in practice for 14 years…that kind) so i can speak with authority…

    Courtney says:

    March 22, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    fortunately most parents opt not to get Chronic Viscus Sampling {CVS} to determine the sex of their baby early because it increases the risk of miscarriage. Vanessa is gonna regret this when it turns out they had a girl you can’t always get what you want.

  • Eva

    I think all of the girls are beautiful (perhaps a little overly ‘tanned’?) and clearly very good friends to the bride – ’tis the job of the bridesmaid to go with the flow – and who else would wear Floridian shower curtains knowing their photos will be splashed everywhere? Jessica looks like she is enjoying her pregnancy, as she should.
    PS – Ignore the trolls.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I like the dresses!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW BIG SHE IS!!! Work it out gurl…she looks great!

  • Courtney

    don’t tell me to calm down I know what I’m talking about and I was right with the time too. @Mr Gyllenhaal I wholeheartedly agree with you Jessica does look great for being so close to her due date as I’ve said before she’s that big because she’s carrying excess amniotic fluid and she’s a petite girl 5ft 3.5in and was probably 125 when she became pregnant from planning her and Eric’s wedding prior and she’s between 165-170 at 7.5 months and the baby is probably about 8lbs now

  • Heather

    @Courtney you really are a moron! how are you going to sit there and argue with an actual doctor? gotta love people who have NO training whatsoever but they think they know everything. smh rme

  • Asty

    @Courtney: actually 33 weeks is not 7.5 months…The 8th month of pregnancy begins at 31 weeks, so Jessica is indeed 8.5 months along or ALMOST 9 as posted by the writer. In fact, pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, or 9 full months, meaning you are pregnant for 9 months and 30 days and not 9 months and 1 day…So you are actually 9 months for several weeks.