Scarlett Johansson & New Man Nate Naylor Pose For Charity


Scarlett Johansson and her new man Nate Naylor have teamed up with photographer Grant Cornett and the non-profit Creative Growth for Everybody to help raise funds for adult artists with disabilities. As I understand it, Creative Growth for Everybody is offering t-shirts designed by disabled artists and Scarlett (with her man in tow) has been photographed wearing one of the designs. Click below to see the shirt … and ScarJo’s latest modeling endeavor.

Firstly, I love that Scarlett is working with this non-profit organization. I hope her collaboration will help raise much needed funds and awareness for Creative Growth for Everybody … it sounds like they do great work. As for these photos … I’m not sure why Naylor has to be included. Not only is he not modeling the designs but his wackiness takes away from the focus of the photos. I guess it’s nice that Scarlett and Nate are still going strong but … I’m not sure I’m crazy about these photos. I hope they serve their intended purpose and help Creative Growth for Everybody, tho. What do y’all think?