Pregnant Drew Barrymore Is Planning A June Wedding


A few weeks ago we heard that Drew Barrymore had got herself engaged to be married to her art consultant beau, Will Kopelman. She showed off her BLING on the Anderson Cooper show. After that we saw pics of Drew walking around with a sonogram in her hand sparking rumors that she was pregnant. Well, today BOTH news stories are being confirmed. Us Weekly is reporting that Drew is preparing for a June wedding, so that she and Will are married before the baby comes, and before she gets too much of a bump.

The story going around (although it hasn’t been officially confirmed) is that Drew and Will are going to be wed in June “because she wants to get married before the baby comes, but doesn’t want to be a huge.” This is from one of Drew’s “pals” so obviously not 100% reliable, but still, pretty believable. They are saying that Drew recently recently returned from Paris, where she chose a Chanel wedding dress, as Will’s dad is the former head of the Chanel fashion house.

As far as I know Drew and Will have not yet officially announced the pregnancy, and aside from the secret sonogram photo from TMZ, there isn’t yet confirmation that Drew is definitely pregnant. Us Weekly are saying that she is, but the news is from a “pal.” She was photographed holding a sonogram though, which is pretty much a giveaway in my books. I think it is very believable that Drew and Will are going to marry in summer. Most celebs either wait until after the baby is born, or do it soon after they announce the pregnancy so that they aren’t too big in the white dress.

I am going to go with Us Weekly on this one and say that both the June wedding and the baby are true and happening, and I am so excited about it all. I really like Dwill together, and the baby on the way is super cute!! This June wedding will be a big celebration me thinks.

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  • Ella

    Drew is going to be an awesome mother.

  • AmandaMarie

    One pretty/handsome baby is in the makings here… Congrats!

  • apriljan

    I really wanted her and Justin Long to work it out. But hooray for babies!